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Online Symposium

Saturday, July 11, 2020 |Zoom App |Events

Online symposium – ‘Future of Digital Marketing in Changing Landscape of the VUCA World’

Today, marketing shifts happen without warning and seemingly overnight. The novel coronavirus caused the initial wave, and now the?industry is impacted?by the surf. People under stay-at-home orders are spending more time online, leading to Facebook traffic spikes, Google search adjustments, and the rise in popularity of the social media. The COVID-19 era impacted the world, and marketers are scrambling to adjust. Digital Marketing companies also have to change their marketing strategies to cope up with changes in the marketing environment. Even, the?most successful?marketing campaign of all the time leveraged new innovative marketing strategies. If organisation wants to stay on top of what’s going on in the marketing industry, they have to meet people where they are and people are spending their time on.

Considering all the changes taking place into the environment Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Global Business School & Research Centre hosted an online symposium on the topic, “Future of Digital Marketing in Changing Landscape of the VUCA World” on 11th July, 2020. Mr Mahindra Patel, Founder Director, Amura Marketing Technology, Mr. Amay Pangarkar, Founder director Aispais Film Production, Mr. Parag Sane, Founder Director, Graphinet and Mr. Sachin Sadre, Founder Director, Digital Dojo were the panel members. This symposium was moderated by Mr. Sarang Kulkarni, Founder Director, Omega Digital Marketing Solutions.

Symposium was started by Dr. Shripad Joshi, Associate Professor and HOD Marketing by giving opening remarks on the topic. He also emphasised on the importance of Digital Marketing in today’s Marketing Environment. Welcome Address was delivered by Dr. Chetan Chaudhari, Director, GBSRC and Dean Faculty of Management, Dr. D.Y. Patil University.

While initiating the discussion Prof. Sarang Kulkarni, the moderator, asked every panellist how they are handling their businesses in this Covid situation. Most of the panelist replied that it is the blessings in disguise due to increased used of digital technologies in the daily life of the people. Customer accepted the digital technology very fast as compare to pre Covid era. Digital Marketing Models are changing very fast now a days.

Discussing about the strategies designed by E-Commerce companies like Amazon, Flip-kart and other organisations Mr. Mahendra said that these companies are the most beneficiaries due to this situation. Commenting on the Cyber Branding of MSME companies he said that these companies are giving more importance to the safety and hygiene aspect of the consumer rather than giving importance to the sales and marketing of their products. These two aspects will become the new USPs of the business.

Mr. Amay Parngarkar described how the consumer preferences are changed from information to insight. While showing some videos to support his view he said that consumer want to experience the product before purchase. He emphasized on the use of Augmented Reality in the business promotion.

Mentioning the importance of Marketing Automation Mr. Parag Sane stated how to follow up the customer without making him irritated. According to him Search Engine Optimization is the most cost effective channel of the distribution for the product. Commenting on the Applications market he said that there is a huge opportunities in this sector as Govt. of India has banned 59 Chinese apps.

According to Mr. Sachin Sadre Digital Marketing is not the solution but it is the channel to get the business. He stated that differentiation in USPs is the key of success. He was of the opinion that still there is an importance of 4ps in the Digital Marketing as well. Talking about the social media Mr. Sachin said that there are three entities of the social media, Creator, User and the Advertiser of the social media; if anyone of them becomes weak the social media will collapse. As per his views digital marketing is more of art than science.

Commenting on the Technological Disruption every panelist was of the opinion that every organisation has to change with the technological disruption otherwise they will be thrown out of the market like Nokia. While answering the question asked by the students Mr. Mahendra asked the students not be worried regarding the opportunities in the market. Application of the knowledge and ability of research are the most important aspect in these days. According to the panelist Digital Marketing is not the class room learning but it is the experiential learning.

The session concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Shripad Joshi. Each and every participant thanked the institute for giving them opportunity to express their views on the various issues of digital marketing. Overall this symposium was very much informative for the students who want to build their carrier in digital marketing. 218 participants including students and faculties attended this symposium who has given positive feedback about this symposium.