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Global Business School & Research Centre

Expert Talk on Research Proposal

Saturday, May 02, 2020 |Online Zoom Session |Seminar

Global Business School and Research Centre organized a guest session on ‘Writing a research proposal on 02nd May 2020 for the Ph.D. Scholars. The Resource person was Dr. Sushil Kumar Pare, Head Research Cell at TIMSR Mumbai.

Research is a systematic investigation in order to establish facts and enrich the body of knowledge. To keep participants updated and well versed with the latest developments in research, an expert talk on Research Proposal is organized. The session was designed to cater to the needs of the research scholars in the field of research proposal writing. The resource person also spoke about the components of research theory and the process involved in the research. He also emphasized on the fact that good research should be socially relevant and of contemporary nature. The session concluded with a question-answer session. Total 41 research scholars attended the session.

The research coordinator, Dr. Shailendrakumar Kale has taken initiative to organized said online zoom session. Dr. Chetan Chaudhari, Director-GBSRC has given fruitful guidance and support for organizing the session.