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Global Business School & Research Centre

Road Safety Week

Thursday, February 07, 2019 |GBSRC Campus, Tathawade, Pune |Workshop

As part of ‘Road Safety Week’, a session on ‘Road Safety’ wasorganized for the students on 7thFebruary 2019 on the campus. Col. Ravindra Tolety, Ms. Monika Joshi and Mr.Rahul Khot from Tata Technologies were the speakers for the session.

Road Safety refers to the measures and methods that are needed to usein order to prevent from any of the major physical, financial issues andmisfortunes. They enlighten the audience with different ways to stay fit.The measures that they gave will surely lend a helping hand in all the futureendeavors. The several ways discussed were:-

a) Wearing a helmet

b) Wearing a seat-belt

c) Always obeying the traffic rules as always to walk in zebracrossing during the red signals.

d) Not to over speed vehicle

e) Only use the car rather than two-wheeler whenever possible

They added that whenever a person moves their vehicle always tocheck from the back.  Driving should beavoided when feeling ill, low, fatigue or in drowsiness. Road rage to beavoided at all cost- There is no gain in letting the actions of others affectone’s driving composure.

And at last, they concluded with the slogan - “Mat karo itni masti,zindagi nahi hai Sasti”.