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Global Business School & Research Centre

A Guest Lecture on Personality Development

Saturday, February 02, 2019 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Global Business School & Research Centre, Tathawade |Guest Lecture

A Guest Lecture onPersonality Development was organized for BBA- 1 year on 2nd Feb 2019. Thespeaker for the lecture was Dr. Kanchan Deshmukh.

In her lecture, Dr.Kanchan discussed what is personality and the various ways to improve it. Herlecture helped the students to build a positive attitude and also motivatedthem to achieve high success in life. She conducted 4 activities which involvedteamwork, coordination, leadership and active listening.

 In the 1st activity,the students were divided into groups and were asked to tangle and untanglethemselves.

 In the 2nd activity, the students were told to do the opposite ofthe instructions given to them by the guest. 

In the 3rd activity, the group ofstudents were told to make paper boats of equal size and shape and in the lastactivity, from the group of students, 2 students narrated a linked story andthe other groups judged which story was real and which one was fake.

The session was veryinteractive and interesting. The students gained knowledge on how to improvetheir personality and with this, they also enjoyed the activities.