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Dr. D.Y. Patil Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Pimpri

Visit the Water Purification Plant, Nigdi & Durga Tekdi

Thursday, February 21, 2019 |Water Purification Plant, Nigdi & Durga Tekdi |Field Visit/Industrial Visit


- Numberof Students:   21

- Numberof teachers: 2

-Overview of the tour:  The tour was aboutintroducing the students to the rapid sand filtration process and newertechniques employed for water purification and control of water-borne diseases.The various methods of water purification & test conducted for itspurity. 


Thestudents reported at the Water Purification Plant, Nigdi, on 21st February 2019at 9.30 am.          

Studentswere first taken to the laboratory where they were demonstrated variouschemical and bacteriological process for determination of Turbidity, chlorinecontent of water and bacterial load before and after purification of water.After the informative session students were taken to visit the Water TreatmentPlant and Durga Tekdi.

Studentswere then shown a power point presentation of the latest data and newertechniques employed by the Institute for water purification & supply in theresidential areas of PCMC.  They wereshown the entire purification process in the animated presentation & anoverview of the development of WTP.


Dr. ShahY. K presented the Letter, “Life on Earth in 2070” written by Late PresidentDr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, that conveyed a message to the masses to Save Waterfor the Next Generation. The students were introduced to the Supervisorycontrol and data acquisition system (SCADA) employed by Mr. Ladkat, to monitorthe water supply around the entire PCMC area and prevent and controlwater-borne diseases.


 The students were given knowledge aboutvarious steps to water purification, methods of disinfection and test conductedprior to the visit.

 How it was organized:

A letterwas submitted to the Executive Engineering, Water Purification Plant, for thepermission of the visit. After receiving the permission, a notice regarding thevisit was circulated among the faculty members and final year students.  The students were informed about the date,venue, time of the visit along with the roadmap.

Approachesto teaching/learning and assessment:

1.    Theory lectures comprise of detailexplanation of the process of water purification, methods of disinfection,tests conducted along with the power-point presentation.

2.    Assessment is conducted through Internalexamination and viva/oral conducted during these examinations.

Aim &Objectives:

1.    To provide the students with a practicalapproach along with theoretical lectures as per the curriculum.

2.    To make awareness in students regardingconservation of natural resources.


1.    Theoretical & practical exposuretogether enhances the students learning ability making their concepts moreclear.

2.    Change in the behavior and attitude on thepart of the students for the conservation of nature and its resources is theexpected outcome.


1.    Preventive & Social Medicine: Park& Park, 24th Edition