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Global Business School & Research Centre

Rule of Law And Criminal Justice System

Thursday, March 12, 2020 |Global Business School & Research Centre |Guest Lecture

A session on the topic Rule of Law And Criminal Justice System was organised at GBSRC on 12th March 2020. Advocate Meenal Chandwaskar a practicing lawyer was invited on campus for the session. She graduated from Dr. Ambedkar College, Nagpur and is currently pursuing LLM in criminal law from Vishwakarma University in Pune. Apart from her academic achievements Ms. Meenal is Sarpa Mitra and often conducts CSR activities in Bajaj electricals. Also she was a part of Dhol Tasha Pathak named Shivmudra, Nagpur. Advocate Meenal Chandwaskar was welcomed and felicitated by Dr. Leena Dam.
The session stared with enlightening us what the topics itself means as they are law terms which are difficult to understand and interpret by a layman. So Ms. Meenal explained us in detail what those terms meant and the difference between them. She stated that - A law is a set of rules and regulations backed by 'sanction'. Crime is an illegal act and a criminal is a convicted person by law for the offence he conducted. She explained them further with various examples which helped the fellow students to understand easily. Further she explained the 3 Postulates of Rule of Law which are:

  1. Supremacy of Law
  2. Equality of Law
  3. Equal protection of Law/Predominance of Legal spirit
They were explained in simple words with examples and an interactive session took place. Later she enlightened us on what Criminal Justice System is in India wherein she mentioned the process of how it basically worked. They were:
  1. Legislature i.e. the parliament makes laws.
  2. Enforcement i.e. the policemen who enforce those laws is anybody breaks the laws and become an offender.
  3. Adjudication i.e. the court of law where an offender faces trial because of his acts and faces penalties and punishment.
  4. Correction cell i.e the prison where if the offender fails to deliver the truth and goes against the law he ends up in this correction cell.
She stated that if all this is present in the then where does the problem lies and what is the solution? Students raised a couple of questions and solutions for the same and the session ended with the statement "A change in you will lead to a change in society". At the conclusion, Ms. Meenal was thanked for her sharing precious time and knowledge that she shared with the audience.