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Industry Visited: Parle-G India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad

Friday, February 01, 2019 |Parle-G India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad |Field Visit/Industrial Visit

IndustryVisited: Parle-G India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad 

Date ofVisit: 01. 02. 2019

A batchof  MBA II Year students (87) and Sixstaff coordinators visited the Parle G India Pvt Ltd. at Hyderabad on01.2.2019. This unit is mainly focusing on the preparation of ManufacturingParle G Glucose biscuits.

Mr.Samuel, Parle G Operations Head, addressed the students and introduced aboutthe Parle G. He explained about the functioning of this Unit.  Later he explained the different stepsemployed for the safety of the unit. Most of the raw materials used in thepreparation of biscuits are wheat flour, Sugar, and salt. He also showed thestudents how to reach a safe assembly point if an accident happens in the unitduring the visit.

Later Mr.Samuel explained the agenda of the day. The agenda was :

1.    Basic preparation of raw material

2.    A mixture of raw material

3.    Cutting biscuits in shapes through Iron Die

4.    The baking process through Oven indifferent temperature

5.    Cooling process

6.    Packing process with a  plant tour

Duringthis session, students interacted with the Manager very effectively.Particularly about the Mixture quantity. Then Mr. Samuel explained theDifferent stages of temperature required for baking. He mainly focused on thequality of the raw materials and after the baking process is over. He explainedthe quality control parameter and how the packaging process is done.


Thissession was concluded with the distribution of Packets of Parle G Biscuits.

Afterthis session students were taken to industrial trip in two batches. Both thebatches were taken to the Quality control unit and production unit. During thetrip, students gained practical knowledge about the handling of the rawmaterials having different characteristics and properties. Many of the pointsexplained theoretically in the first session were explained again practically.In the Quality control unit, students were exposed to cooling of biscuits. Theywere explained how to find the Reference number of production unit with lotsize and date of production, with Production Unit Number. as there are total of92 production units in India.

 Dr. Deepali Garge, Dr.  Mukesh  Agarwal, Professor Smarjeet Das, Ms.Vaishnavi  Avhad,  Nilofer sheikh and Mr. Prakash Patil with agroup of students.

Afterthis session, all the students were offered a Parle G Biscuits. On behalf ofthe GBSRC of  Dr. D Y Patil  University Dr. Deepali  Garge thanked Mr.Samuel, Operations Head,Parle G. All the students expressed their thanks to the officials for theopportunity given.

This tripwas highly useful for the students in terms of practical knowledge about theManufacturing process with different stages involved in making a final product.This trip will also be helpful for them to find placement opportunities in suchFMCG companies. 

Staff Coordinators

Dr.Deepali Garge, Dr.Mukesh Agarwal, Prof.SmarjeetDas