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Global Business School & Research Centre

Parent Teacher Meet

Saturday, February 15, 2020 |Global Business School and Research Centre (GBSRC) campus |Events

Parent-Teacher Meet was held at DPU - Global Business School and Research Centre (GBSRC) campus on 15th February 2020, to connect with the parents, discuss their wards academic progress, and to explain current curriculum goals and teaching strategies. More than 20 parents and 18 faculties participated in this event. The event was chaired by the Director- GBSRC, Dr. Chetan Chaudhari who gave the welcome address to the parents and briefed them about the various activities that are held in an academic year and urged all to give honest feedback for areas of improvement.
As a College is not only meant to teach only certain subjects, it works on improving different set of skills and social aspects of a student, the Academic Coordinator of GBSRC, Dr. Vidya Nakha told the parents that apart from the regular college curriculum the college also emphasizes on holistic development of the students and arranges Conferences, Certification Courses to bridge industry-academic gap, Grooming Session, Counselling Session, Mock Interviews to develop Soft Skills, and Remedial Sessions for Slow learners. The parents applauded over the efforts taken by the college to impart valuable skills to their wards without charges any extra fees. The Placement officer Prof. Smarjeet Das spoke to the parents and gave details of several placement activities that is being held in the campus. Some parents showed concern about specific sectorial placement, however the queries were handled very well by the director. After these speeches the Coordinator of the Event, Dr. Aparajita P. Singh facilitated and moderated open discussion between all faculties and parents so that every parent’s query is addressed. It was iterated by the faculties that attendance plays an important role in student’s development, as the students miss out on skill-building activities if they do not attend those extra sessions. The faculties also appreciated the dynamic attitude of the students who juggle between academics and extracurricular activities and assured the parents that this will help to develop their personality for the better.
Feedback Forms were also floated amongst the parents so detailed advice can be received from the parents. The parents agreed that this meet helped them to understand what all activities are being held in the college so now it will be easier for them to follow up with their wards to stay updated. The Parents were also encouraged to login to College ERP to stay updated about college proceedings. The session ended on a happy note with parents interacting freely with their respective ward’s class teacher over Hi-Tea to discuss the activities and academic progress of their own child who is evaluated through regular assessments, assignments, and observation. This meet was a huge success as it worked as a bridge between parents and teachers to mutually cooperate to identify further steps that should be taken so that a child can get most out of his/her studies.