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Dr. D. Y. Patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics Institute

Cytosoul 2019-Annual Cultural and Sports Festival

Wednesday, February 06, 2019 - Saturday, February 09, 2019 |Dr. D Y Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, Tathwade, Pune |Sports Activities

Day 1:

Cytosoul 2019, theAnnual Fest of Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute Punebegan on the 6th of February 2019 with 'Shubharaambh' which translates into'auspicious beginning'. The fest was inaugurated by Prof. J. K. Pal, who cutthe ribbon in the presence of all the teaching, non-teaching staff andstudents. The inauguration program was graced by Prof. N. J. Pawar, thehonorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune. The theme for theday was to dress up in traditional attire which allowed students to celebratetheir diversity and similarities. From teachers to students everyone turned upin bright and beautiful ethnic wear.

Moreover, ourexchange students from Sweden also showed up in the traditional Indian saree.During the inauguration, as a special event, the non-teaching staff werefelicitated with gifts in appreciation for their dedicated work.

The day was filledwith fun activities and exciting contests.The day began with a Rangolicompetition wherein students showcased their creativity and came up withamazing designs which carried an important message. After which there was aHenna Tattoo competition in which students showed their talents by making hennadesigns on their friend's hand within half an hour.  Another major attraction of the day was thestalls put up by students participating in the Fireless Cooking competition,where students had to make food items from raw ingredients. Right from chaatsto delicious shakes, it was a real treat to the taste buds.

Various sportsevents of the day included chess, table tennis, and basketball. Students ofdifferent years competed against each other in chess and basketball while bothteachers and students alike showed their skills in table tennis. It was a grandbeginning to the fest and the students were geared up to enjoy the next threedays!

Day 2:

The second day ofthe fest, titled as “THE VOGUE DAY”, was a continuation of the grandcelebration. The day was diligently organized. It was fun, vibrant and full ofjoy. Various competitions and games were organized for both students andteachers. It served as a great platform for all students to showcase theirtalents.

Vogue Day wascelebrated with great gusto and enthusiasm. The students came fully clad intheir western dresses. Their attire looked simply amazing as they collectivelydisplayed an array of colors that reflected the bold and beautiful hearts.Special credits to all the teachers, as they actively participated and tookgreat efforts to dress up in the western and Indo-western outfits. They alllooked simply stunning.

The day started withsketching competition, followed by Calligraphy and Painting. The aim was toprovide a platform for the hidden artists to bring out their latent creativity.

The participantsgave vent to their imagination and aesthetic exploration creating magicalexpressions on paper. Each and every sketch and painting had an amazing messageto address.

The council had alot of new additional competitions arranged this year, one of which being “TheFace Painting competition”. We saw an overwhelming response of students.Creativity impressed the judges and the viewers.

To cheer the collegeatmosphere and add to the celebration of our teachers, “Musical chair” wasarranged for them. They all participated with great spirits and enjoyed totheir fullest.

After the game, DJwas held to set a mood of celebration and give a taste of the fun to thishappening day. Everybody had a good time with friends and teachers, creatingmemories and clicking pictures.

In the evening,inter-college basketball matches were arranged. Students showed great sportsmenship and gave their all handwork and sweat to win the matches for theirrespective years. It was a treat for all the viewers to watch.

The day went welland ended with satisfaction. The vibes through-out the day were very positive.Students and teachers had a lot of fun and left with happy faces.


Day 3:

The theme for day 3of Cytosoul 2019 was 'Spotlight'. Students were asked to wear outfits of any ofthe three colors- Red, Yellow or Green, based on certain criteria. The daystarted off with the Makeover Challenge wherein we saw participants showing offtheir makeup skills and giving their friends a stunning makeover! The finalround for the event 'Sherlock' i.e., Treasure Hunt was also conducted on thisday. In the final round, qualifying teams were asked to investigate a murdercase in the college and find out who the murderer was. The participants had tobrainstorm and find the answer to the clues which were hidden in differentparts of the campus. Another attractive event of the day was the LAN gameswherein students sat in the college quadrant and competed against each other inadrenaline-rushing games like PUBG. After lunch, badminton matches wereorganized between the teachers where we got to see our very talented teacherstake on each other in the court. A Pictionary game for the teachers was alsoheld after that, which was enjoyed by the teachers and students alike. Theevents of the day concluded with the prize distribution for the sports andindoor events which saw the winners of different events being felicitated bythe Director of our institute.

Day 4, Final event:

The event wasdiligently organized. There was a soul to it. A soul that was vibrant,contagious and exuberant.

At the entrance ofthe building of DYPBBI, there were huge posters denoting the CYTOSOUL -JASHNN2019.

Inside the campus,as we saw various students practicing, doing stage rehearsals early in themorning at their best, it set the mood for the celebrations.

 After a long exhausting practice session, asmall tea break was organized for the participants to cheer them up.

The studentsenthusiastically assumed with the preparation for the evening events. Amidstall these preparations a mouthwatering lunch was organized. To grace the eventwe specially invited the alumni’s of our college to interact with students andencourage future endeavors and consecutively add significance to the evening.


The main culturalevent was started by auspicious lamp lighting by the honorable chief guest,Director and other faculty members of the college. The Chief Guest for thecultural event was Dr. Chetan Chaudhari, Deputy Director, GBSRC, Tathawade,Pune. He encouraged the students with his warm and motivating words. Dr. J. K.Pal, Director, DYPBBI in his welcome speech gave best wishes for theevent.  

After the inauguralspeech, felicitation ceremony was held for the “All Rounder: AARSHA” award andfor the previous council members.


After this, theevent went on with many mesmerizing performances like group, duet and solodance, singing competitions, followed by glamorous fashion show exhibitingdifferent themes like Pop Art; Egyptian; Voodoo; Shimmer and Dapper.

Then the organizersof the fest “The Council” members presented a special walk at the end of thefashion show. This was followed by the prize distribution ceremony for alltalent hunt events.

The event wasconcluded with a vote of thanks.

The student councilwas congratulated for organizing such a successful and memorable event.