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Industry Visit to Amul India Pvt Ltd . (Ahmedabad)

Sunday, January 12, 2020 |Ahmedabad |Field Visit/Industrial Visit

A batch of MBA II Year students (101) and Six staff coordinators visited the Amul India Pvt Ltd. at Ahmadabad on 12.1.2019. This unit is mainly focusing on the preparation of Amul Milk and Amul cheeses and other milk products.. Mr. Santosh Patel, of Amul India Plant Head, addressed the students and introduced about the Amul india History and its operations in india. He explained about the History and the products produced in Amul India anand Unit. Later he explained the different steps employed for the safety of the unit. The Milk is received from various villages in and around anand district and it is filled through pipes and send for processing in a large container .The Milk is pasteurized and according to percentage of required component is separated from the milk to produce different types of milk products like Cheese, ice-cream, Flavoured milk ,confectionaries etc. The Seperation is processed in Separate unit under strict safety procedure. Then according to weight and other component, mixtures is used with different combination as per products specific requirement. He also showed the students how to reach a safe assembly point if any accident happens in the unit during visit. Later Mr. Patel , explained the agenda of the day. The agenda was : 1. Basic Procurement of Milk. 2. Milk processing and separation of key component without Human intervention. 3. Mixtures is prepared 4. Filling up and Automatic sealing of bottle and packaging 5. Packing process with a plant tour. During this session, students interacted with the Manager very effectively. Particularly about the safety process during seperation of Milk component from raw milk. Then Mr. Patel, explained the Different stages of blowing of empty bottle . He mainly focused on the process of blowing up the bottles to Filling up bottles to sealing them and then he explained quality control parameter and how regular checking of machine is done. After this session students were taken to industrial trip in two batches. Both the batches were taken to Quality control unit and production unit. During the trip students gained practical knowledge about the handling of the raw materials having different characteristics and properties. Many of the points explained theoretically in the first session were explained again practically. In Quality control unit, students were exposed to Filling of flavored milk in bottles without human intervention. They were also explained how to find the Reference number of production unit produced in Ahmedabad with lot size and date of production, with Production Unit Number. This trip was highly useful for the students in terms of practical knowledge about the Manufacturing process with different stages involved in making a final product. This trip will also be helpful for them to find placement opportunities in such companies. Dr. Aparajita Singh , Dr. Mukesh Agarwal, Prof.Dhanshri Havale, Dr Shripad Joshi, Ms .Nikita Shetye, and Mr. Rushikesh Kadam accompanied the students for the visit.