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Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

28th State Biennial SNA Conference

Wednesday, September 18, 2019 - Friday, September 20, 2019 |Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha, Thane Mumbai |Conference

The 28th State Biennial Conference of the SNA Unit was held from 18th September to 20th of September 2019 at Thane, Mumbai. The conference was organized at Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar Natyagruha Thane West. It was organized with the collaboration of Sau. Minatai Thakre INE Mumbai. From our college in total 16 students got a chance to attend the conference along with two of our SNA Advisors Mrs. Martha Raut and Mrs. Jayashree Jaypurkar. A total no of 623 participants and 41 nursing institutes participated in this conference. We boarded on 18th September for thane Mumbai at 4:00 am by train. We reached the destination by 9:30 am and we resided in Hotel Arvind Residency. The traveling and the hotel arrangements were excellent, the safety and security measures were taken by authorities. The first day of the conference that is on 18th September, started with the registration process which was carried out around 10:30 am in a smooth way and all the participants’ were given a kit as their token of appreciation and further competitions were held as per the schedule. The theme of the conference was “Nursing Harmony of Body, Mind, and Spirit”. The competitions held on the first day and students participated in it are as follows: ESSAY COMPETITION: Ms. Gitty Varughese (English) Nitesh Rathod(Marathi). Topic: - Why books are often better than the internet? POSTER COMPETITION: (Prevention of Nomo-phobia) Ms. Aditi Shinde.
Mr. Onkar Rajure.
Mr. Saurabh Nirmal
Mr. Pratik Ghorpade.
Mr. Ketan Dhake. (First aid)
FLOOR DECORATION: Ms. Kavita Mukhiya (Mother Earth)
EXTEMPORE SPEECH: Ms. Neethu Mathews. (After effects of the flood)
MONO ACT: Ms.Preeti Kokanee. (Monsoon sale) PERSONALITY CONTEST: Mr. Robin Tribhuwan. Other competitions held were on the spot painting, pencil sketch, and quiz competition. For all of us, the conference generated a lot of ideas about how to expand our skills and professional qualifications. The theme of the conference i.e. nursing harmony of body, mind, and spirit embraces conceptual and empirical work. Every event boosted us positively and developed our confidence. Students were provided with delicious breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. The 1st day of the conference ended in a well-mannered and organized way. The conference ended with 11:00 pm.
NEXT DAY 19th September 2019.
On the next day, we reached the auditorium by 8 am and started our day with a delicious breakfast. The conference began with the SNA Unit Annual Report Presentation. The SNA unit report of Dr. D Y Patil CON and INE was presented by General Secretary of CON Ms. Gitty Varughese. There were an overall 41 SNA Units from Maharashtra Branch including ANM.GNM and BSc Nursing batches. There was Scientific Sessions (Panel Discussion) held on the theme by BSc students of Bharati Vidyapeeth CON and was much more informative and gave us an exact idea about the need and importance of harmony between body, mind, and spirit. The Scientific Paper Study Presentation also gave us an idea for us students to know how to present it in a well-mannered way. There were many stalls outside like Chaitnyam which was very interesting and awesome as we got the chance to play and learn. The CBS Nursing Next an application on mobile which would help us in achieving our goals in the nursing career by improving our knowledge through any time and anywhere access was introduced to all the delegates. The SNA Election was also conducted to select the eligible candidate to represent at the national level. The conference was inaugurated by Hon. Cabinet Minister of PWD, Public Health and Family Welfare in Government of Maharashtra State Shri Eknathji Shinde. Felicitation of the best teacher from Maharashtra state was awarded to Dr. Mrs.Jaya Kuruvila. 7 Nurses from Maharashtra state were felicitated with bravery awards, who saved lives. The chief guest felicitated the organizing committee. Fundraising for flood-affected nurses was done by converting purse money into a way of donation and our college contributed 1000/- each from CON as well as INE. The Talent Night was organized it was a complete entertainment with many dance performances and Ms.Meghana Thomas from CON participated in Classical solo dance and Ms. Reshma Pandit, Ms.Pooja Chavan And Mr.Rijoy Zuzad participated in group dance based on the folk theme of Jogva. Students were provided with healthy breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. The 2nd day of the conference ended by 11:00 pm.
LAST DAY 20th September 2019.
The last day of the conference started with a presentation by Chaitnyam-Human Excellence group members where they did a role play on the importance of health and the need for taking care of it. There was also a panel discussion held by the team. There was also a meditation session held with music therapy which gave us good relaxation and pleasure feeling. A detailed description of the CBS Nursing Next In the scientific session panel, a discussion was conducted by GNM student nurses of Sau. Minatai Thakre INE on the topic Self-development. Followed by another panel discussion conducted by ANM students of Dayanand School of nursing Talasari. By afternoon the Valedictory function was held. Under which Best SNA Diary, the best SNA unit was announced. The SNA Election result was also declared and 3 students got elected as Vice-president, Secretary, and Treasurer at the national level from three institutions of Nursing. The prize distribution for all the winners of various competitions held was felicitated. All the delegates who participated were appreciated with certificates. Later the delegates were given the opportunity to deliver the vote of thanks. Some of the delegates were also given the chance to give feedback about over all-conference. Ms. Gitty Varghese General Secretary of CON delivered brief feedback on all 3 days of conference on behalf of Dr. D Y Patil College of nursing and institute of nursing education. All the delegates were appreciated with participation Certificates. Lastly, there was also a Photo Session held by all the Nursing Institutes present over there. Students were provided with breakfast, lunch, and tea. In this way, the 28th state biennial conference came to an end by 6 pm. Thereafter we returned back to Pune on 20th September by train around 1:00 am. Overall this conference gave us an opportunity to interact and learn through various student-oriented sessions. We were able to witness the commitment and efficiency of the organizers of this conference. Every event organized was with a motive of development of each delegate present there. It was an amazing experience for each of us and moreover help to build a better us. It was an awesome experience which gave us exposure to various competitions and helped us to learn from others and develop ourselves. We are grateful to our Principal Dr.Mrs Rupali Salvi and college authorities for giving us an opportunity to attend this 28th State Biennial Conference. We are also grateful to our college for permitting us with the budget for this conference.