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Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Optometry & Visual Sciences

Low Vision Orientation Program

Thursday, August 03, 2023 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Optometry and Visual Sciences |Guest Lecture

On 3rd August Thursday, Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Optometry and Visual Sciences, organized a special lecture on the “Low Vision Orientation Program” by Optom. Apoorva Shitole in the institute. She is one of the core team members of Dr. Gogate’s Eye clinic.

The lecture was attended by B. Optom and M. Optom students. She delivered information about patients with low vision, what defines them, and the challenges faced by them. She also highlighted the spectrum of low vision care and management.

All the students were introduced to all the low-vision devices available and advancements in technology to help these patients in recent years.

In the session rehabilitation procedures of low vision patients were described, and how to improve their daily day-to-day activities by making small changes and giving attention to details.

Various low-vision optical devices like hand magnifiers, telescopes, spectacle magnifiers, stand magnifiers, digital video magnifiers, etc. were demonstrated. The session also highlighted the fact about how mobile phones can be one of the easiest to use and beneficial devices for low vision patients. A simple mobile phone can be turned into a low-vision device by using the camera of the phone as a magnifier, and talk-to-speech features, and they further the software that can be used for low-vision patient rehabilitation.

The lecture concluded by describing the role an optometrist plays and their importance in low-vision rehabilitation centers all over India in conducting low vision rehabilitation programs. Optom Apoorva was felicitated by Dr. Neeta Mishra and Dr. Veshal Madan for the impressive session.