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Global Business School & Research Centre

Session on Traditional Medicine History

Wednesday, November 23, 2022 |Global Business School and Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune, |Events

As a part of the initiative towards promoting healthy lifestyle among the students, Dr. DY PATIL VIDYAPEETH's Global Business School and Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune, organized a session on traditional medicine .This session was conducted on Wednesday, 23rd November. The speaker for the event was Dr. Pradnya P Dole, Ayurveda Consultant & Dietitian, International Yoga Expert, MSc Psychology and Fellowship in Gynecology. This session was attended by MBA and BBA students. The objective for organizing this event was to understand how traditional medical techniques and exercises will help students in the longer run and to lead a healthy lifestyle. 60 students attended the session


Dr. Pradnya Dole is having 13+ years’ experience in integrated medicinal science. She holds a Degree of Ayurveda and specialized in infertility management, diabetes, weight management, lifestyle modification by Diet and Yoga and woman health management with integrated medicine. She believes Physical, Mental and spiritual development is the key of fitness. She demonstrated her capabilities by handling several infertility cases which delivered desired results. Also, she has extensively studied in the field of lifestyle management. She has expertise in Dietary    Approaches to Diabetes, Hypertension and CAD (Coronary arterial disease). She is the owner of GYNOVEDA Fertility & Wellness Clinic -Balewadi. She also expanded her expertise across the borders in Dubai & Indonesia.

The event started with the welcome and introduction of the speaker for the session by student BBA SEM I student Ms. Riaa Yadav. Dr. Pradnya started the session by giving an overview of the meaning of health.

The speaker made the session interactive by asking various questions. She practically taught few exercises to the students to help them build their concentration level and to get rid of fatigue. Further Dr. Pradnya spoke on how eating healthy and nutrition rich diet can help students reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and type 2 diabetes and also boost their mood and gain more energy .The speaker also mentioned that eating right and freshly cooked food can give long term health benefits. The speaker emphasized on good and bad posture and taught the importance of waking up early and practicing Yoga on a daily basis.  All the students enjoyed the session thoroughly. The session ended with a free hemoglobin checkup conducted by Dr. Pradnya in the campus followed by a vote of thanks.