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Global Business School & Research Centre

Monetea The Foreign Currency Exhibition

Thursday, October 13, 2022 |GBSRC Entrance Lobby |Events

MONETAE, the foreign currency exhibition was held in Dr. D.Y. PATIL VIDYAPEETH’S Global Business School and Research Centre on 13th October, 2022.

The exhibition was organized by BBA students with full of enthusiasm and apt coordination. The exhibition was organized to make management students aware about currencies of different countries across the world as they will have to deal with these at some point in their career. Students and faculties from different departments and colleges were invited to witness this plethora of currencies under one roof.

This exhibition provided the country’s economic status which is useful for students in different aspects like:

1. Students can build their general knowledge about the country’s currency and its economic status.

2. Such activities make learning, a fun experience where it is comparatively easy on the part of faculty to teach and light for the students to learn new things easily

3. Students can build their communication skills (Public Speaking) through this activity and this skill removes their stage fright and inculcates self-confidence in them.

4. Their inner core develops while doing some creative activity in this young stage.

Students teamed up and decorated the college lobby with beautiful and creative ideas to enhance the currency exhibition theme. Tables were set up to display the currency notes and coins. Each table was handled by two students to present the allotted countries to the visitors and students answered the queries regarding the same. Total 64 countries’ currencies were displayed by differentiating them into Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped countries categories.

The creative template was not only showcasing the currency but also mentioned the country’s economic facts like:

1. Country Name, Currency name, Country Flag and Currency Symbol (if available)

2. Statistical data (% Growth rate, GDP, GDP Rank, Population, Per Capita Income, Inflation rates

3. Central Bank of the country.

4. Exchange rates (Displayed in USD- Dollars, GBP- Pound Sterling’s, YUAN- China and INR- Indian Rupee)

The exhibition proved to be amusing as well as gave all of us, valuable insights on different currencies and countries. The feedback collected from guests and all the faculty members was exuberant and motivating to the students.

The event was inaugurated by the hands of Dr. Chetan Chaudhari, Director GBSRC and organized by Dr.

Prashant Kalshetti, Head Department of BBA, in the presence of all the faculty & staff members.

Students of BBA enthusiastically coordinated the exhibition, enjoyed witnessing the exhibition and highly appreciated the organizers through their feedback. The exhibition revealed many aspects of foreign currencies and the country’s past, present and future through their economic status.