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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest Lecture on Opportunities in Corporate Agribusiness.

Saturday, October 01, 2022 |Global Business School and Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune |Guest Lecture

Under Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), Global Business School and Research Centre, Tathawade, Pune, had organized a session on “Opportunities in Corporate Agribusiness”. This session was conducted on Saturday, 01/10/2022.

The speaker for the event was Mr. Ravikumar Kshirsagar, General Manager Govt. Relation & Corporate Affairs. The objective behind organizing this event was to brief the Job opportunities in agribusiness and required skills.

The MBA II student Ms. Pragati Dharak welcomed & introduced the guest. Sir explained various companies engaged in agricultural and agricultural allied activities. Sir said that, to get the job, students should study the background of the dream company, they should be most updated with the current happening of these industries. Sir also said that students should increase their industry connect, because most of the vacancies are fulfilled only through reference. So students should keep connect to such industry groups LinkedIn etc. Sir focused about various industry cultures and job opportunities.

Sir briefed about the origin and role of agribusiness in Indian economy, He said that during the year of pandemic, every business was struggling but agribusiness was performing well, because it deals with essential needs which person cannot postpone for long time, so it has perfect survival.

This session was attended by 83 students of MBA I & II programme and 1 faculty member. The webinar ended with a question- and-answer session followed by a vote of thanks given by Prof. Mandar Bramhe.