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Dr. D.Y. Patil Homoeopathic Medical College & Research Centre, Pimpri

Three Days Basic Workshop on Research Methodology

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - Thursday, July 21, 2022 |Dr. D. Y. Patil Homoeopathic Medical College and Research Centre Pimpri, Pune |Workshop

Report – Day 1

Research methodology workshop started at 9:00 am. As per schedule, workshop began with Pre – test, the forms were distributed to M.D. Part I students and Interns and were collected by PG incharges. The workshop began with Introductory lecture to Research methodology by Dr. S. L. Jadhav. He explained the importance of research and what are the different avenues related to research.

The lecture was followed by inauguration of the workshop by chief guest Dr. Ramesh Bhonde sir (Research Emeritus), Dr. Sachin Sarode sir (Direstor of Research)and principal Dr. D. B. Sharma sir by lighting the lamp and homage was paid to Dr. Hahnemann. Dr. Parth Aphale introduced the chief guest Dr. Ramesh Bhonde and Dr. M. M. Arya introduced chief guest Dr. Sachin Sarode. Dr. Ramesh Bhonde addressed the audience and expressed his views on research. Dr. Sachin Sarode shared his experience about research, shared his experience regarding the same and importance of research publications. Dr. D. B. Sharma conveyed to the students the importance of Research Methodology. Dr. Ayush Kumar Gupta gave a Vote of Thanks to the dignitaries.

Dr. Ramesh Bhonde talked about his experience in the field of research and gave insights about the importance of packaging the data for publication The lecture was followed by an informative session by Dr. Devangini Broker. Dr. Devangini Broker shared her experience of research in the light of homoeopathy, giving inputs on how to formulate aim, objective, research question and hypothesis.

After the 1st lecture of Dr. Devangini Broker, delegates were given a break for lunch.

Post – lunch Dr. Devangini talked about Study designs – elaborating with examples cohort and case control study. Dr. Bipin Jain were the last speaker of the day. He enlightened the students with the importance of Research in Homoeopathy, talked about Study design (descriptive and experimental studies) and co-relating it with advantages, limitation, utility and application.

Day 1 ended with vote of thanks to the Speaker by Dr. M.M. Arya .

Report – Day 2

The workshop began at 9: 30 am, where Dr. Hetal Rathod shared her knowledge of Different types of Data, Data presentation and Data Analysis. The first lecture was followed by a lecture on Inferential statistics. The third lecture of the workshop was given by Dr. D. B. Sharma. He gave an insight on Ethical issues in medical research. The third lecture was concluded and lunch break was given to the delegates.

Post Lunch session began at 1:30 pm. Dr. Sachin Sarode was the spokesperson for the first lecture after break. Dr. Sachin Sarode enlightened the students about the different aspects of publishing a research paper, difficulties faced during publishing and his point of view regarding the same. The Fifth lecture was conducted by Dr. Tushar Palekar. He explained the delegates importance of research, skeleton of research writing and what is it meant by research wrtiting. The last lecture of Day2 was to discuss about the sample size and what are the different methods of sampling. The last lectrure was conducted by Dr. Swati Ghonge.

Report – Day 3

After discussing various aspects of Research, how to write research paper, different material and methods. Day 3 was about implementation of the knowledge gathered by the delegates. The first lecture started at 9: 30 am, where Dr. Parth Aphale invoked critical thinking in the delegates. He shared his point of view regarding critical evaluation of journal by citing examples. After the lecture began the activities. 1st activity was conducted by Dr. T.B. Galande. She divided the participants in a group of 4. Later 2 research article were circulated amongst the delegate and were asked question regarding the same. Each group was asked question regarding the role sof diagnostic scale anmd assessment scales for research article.

2nd activity was conducted by dr. M. M. Arya. Similar to the first group activity they were divided into a group of four people. The particpants were asked to formulate a research question, hypothesis, type of study with reasons, talk about variables – depenent and independent in study.

The activity was followed by an Lunch break.

The post lunch session of the workshop was delivered by Dr. Ayush Kumar Gupta. He spoke about how a synopsis must be formulated. Last lecture was conducted by Dr. Sarika Chaturvedi. She spoke about Review of literature and Bibliography.

Post Test was conducted after the lecture. A programme evaluation feedback was collected through google forms.

On daily basis there was a Daily Evaluation Form collected from the participants.

The workshop was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. M. M. Arya.

No.: of participants for the workshop were 64 (10 male + 54 female students)