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Global Business School & Research Centre

Tree Plantation Activity

Thursday, August 04, 2022 |Global Business School and Research Centre |Events

Tree Plantation program was held in Global Business School and Research Centre (GBSRC) in collaboration with TATA Technologies on 4th August, 2022 at 10:30am. Five (5) faculty members and Seventy-Eight (78) students actively participated in the program, at Mhalunge Forest Land, Balewadi, Mumbai-Bangalore highway, Pune, wherein they planted various type of plants. Approximately 200 saplings were planted as part of this activity. Trees represent life, growth, peace and nature. They produce oxygen, clean soil, prevent drought, control flood related disasters, prevent soil erosion, improve physiological, mental and spiritual health, and also reduce carbon footprints. All students were informed about the “One Student-One Tree Campaign”. A tree plantation activity was organized under the guidance of Director, Dr. Chetan Chaudhari and Coordinated by Dr. Priyanka Bobade, Dr. Sharmishtha Deshmukh, Dr. Ravi Phadke, Kalyani Thakare and Vaibhav Patil. Faculty members of GBSRC supported the tree sapling plantation drive and motivated the students to take care of the saplings so that they grow into healthy trees. Free saplings were provided by TATA Technologies at Mhalunge Forest Land, Balewadi, Pune.

The objective of activity was to sensitize and encourage the students to “Plant a tree Plant a new Life”