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Global Business School & Research Centre


Saturday, April 16, 2022 |Online |Events

As a part of the initiative towards promoting creative & innovative mindsets in the business among the
students, Global Business School & Research Centre in association with DPU’s Foundation for Innovtion, Incubation and Entrepreneurship had organized a session on my Entrepreneurial journey.

This session was conducted on Saturday, 16th April 2022.The speaker for the event was Ms. Nidhi Bennur, Co-founder and head impact and outreach, Invoke Brand works. This session was attended by 110 students. The objective for organizing this event was to understand the Business Model, understand how to start a business and how to manage it in an effective manner.

Ms. Nidhi Bennur, Co-founder, Head Impact and Outreach, and Invoke brand works. Whose journey to entrepreneurship was by a chance she started out as a content creator and now being the co-founder of Invoke Brand Works with the back ground of general marketing management, she believes that brands have the power of incite change for good and her journey has been nothing less the eventful. She has learnt and developed her own belief system about business and brand through this journey. Through Invoke, she advocates this belief to brands and help them add an impact mission to their business framework.

The event started by welcoming the speaker for the event. Ms. Deepisha Agrawal from MBA 1st year welcomed the participants and introduced the speaker. Further the speaker spoke about her entrepreneurial journey. She explained various aspects of the entrepreneurship, and the major highlights of the session were, how one should build their network with good people and retain them by maintaining healthy relationship with all those people, how to evaluate an idea, weather to know that this idea will work or not, also when is it the perfect time to exit a business or till when you stay in that, she then explained how to recruit the right person for the right role and what type of business one should get into according to their knowledge, capabilities and interests. She has explained all the concepts beautifully by giving various to the point and relatable examples, which made it very easy for all the participants of MBA and BBA to understand what she said.

The webinar ended with a question- and-answer session followed by a vote of thanks given by Ms. Hansika Saxena from MBA 1st year.