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Global Business School & Research Centre

Session on Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Saturday, April 09, 2022 |Global Business School & Research Centre, Pune. |Events

As a part of the initiative towards promoting creative & innovative mindsets in the business among the students, Global Business School & Research Centre in association with DPU&rsquo's Innovation Council had organized a session on Business Model Canvas. This session was conducted on Saturday, 09th April 2022. The speaker for the event was Mr. Arjun Panchal, Founder- Papazapata & Author- What happens in America & a Start-up mentor. This session was attended by 163 participants. The objective of organizing this event was to understand the business model and understand how to start a business and how manage it.

Mr. Arjun Panchal after completing his MBA from Massachusetts, Boston worked with an organization ESRI in Los Angele as a WFM lead. Later he came back to India & started his own business. He is a Start-up mentor at SIBM Pune, IIT Bombay, and Innovation cell, Ministry of Education. He has also written a book “What happens in America” portraying a story of an Indian student’s life in the US. Currently, Mr. Arjun Panchal is working on creating a Start-up program and a community to help aspiring entrepreneurs. He is also working as a co-founder & CEO with an Ed. Tech company that is soon to be launched.

The event started by welcoming the speaker for the event. Dr. Shilpa Saraf (Gujarathi) welcomed the participants and introduced the speaker. Further, the speaker spoke about the business model canvas. He explained the business model with the help of value creation, value delivery, and value capture. He explained the concepts by using 9 boxes Value Propositions, Customer Relationships, Customer Segments, Channels, Cost Structure, Revenue Stream, Key Activities, Key Partners & Key Resources.

He explained all the concepts by giving various examples. In the session, the highlight was the explanation of how the Value proposition is the most important among all the 9 concepts. He elucidated it through the example of Tinder &, Apple phones for tangible & non-tangible benefits. How WhatsApp, Google, and Facebook, are working as a platform for business, the ways opted by Amazon to create customer relationships and in the end, he also took the example of his own business outlets, that is Papazapata, Mexican food.

The webinar ended with a question-and-answer session followed by a vote of thanks given by Ms. Neha Kulkarni from MBA.