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ASSOCHAM IP Boot camp on Intellectual Property Rights.

Saturday, October 16, 2021 |Online |Events

A corporate guest session on ASSOCHAM IP Boot camp was organized for the MBA students of GBSRC on Saturday, October 16th 2021.

The session started with welcome note given by Ms. G. Keerthi followed by an introduction given by Dr. Chetan Chaudhari sir. Then Ms. Keerthi gave an introduction for our first guest speaker Mr. Mohd Nahid Alam who is the deputy director and head of ASSOCHAM IPR council. Nahid Alam Sir started the session by explaining about IP Boot camp series, the webinar aimed to learn about the different types of IPR and how and when one can claim IPR. Sir explained about the Intellectual Property(IP) as it refers to creation of mind, such as invention, literary and artistic works, designs, and symbols, names and image used in commerce, IPR awareness activities, sir also mentioned about IPFC centers in Delhi and Bengaluru ,sir ended his part by telling us about the initiatives taken by IPFC over these years.

Our second guest lecturer Mr. Vijaykumar Shivpuje, director of palter business solutions, were introduced by Ms.G. Keerthi . Vijay Kumar sir started the session by asking a question to all the students, I.e. what is that sector you are looking forward to have your career in? He then continued saying that ,we are all in this VUCA world, we all have lot of business opportunities after MBA. As the students gave their answers, he said “All these sectors are innovation dependent” - start ups , entrepreneurship, agriculture, etc. One common thing for every sector is competition. Sir particularly spoke about intangible asset. Vijay Kumar sir explained about the importance of IP protected in law which involves more than one type of IP and those are as mentioned below: - (IP): patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

While discussing IPR Vijay Shivpuje sir said “ What you are inventing in labs should be beneficial for society; if it is not beneficial for the society then you are killing innovation. IPR is the amalgamation of 3 thing(technology , act , creation),(business) and (law). Sir also mentioned that one product can have different IP. IPR are legal monopolies, where we get rights as a compensation to what we offer to the society.

Sir ended his session by telling us the edge over others:

1. Try to protect your IP. “IPR is your legal right on your product , so that you can say the work/innovation/product is your”.

2. Respect others intellectual rights.

Further the session was continued by Ms. Bhawna Mittal, Program Manager, IPFC – New Delhi ASSOCHAM. Ms. Bhavna Mittal informed us about the objectives of boot camp, who all can apply, what is the cost, domains, how to get admitted, what are the gains, objectives of ASSOCHAM IPFC, IPR facilitation center services, and how to sign in.

At the end of the seminar Ms. G Keerthi thanked all the participants , director sir and specially our guest lecturers for giving the valuable information about IPR, as the focus on innovation, research and creation increases, its extremely important to foster a creative and innovative spirit among every MBA student, apart from the many benefits of IPR, we learned about the ways in which they can safeguard their creations, giving them a competitive edge over their peers.