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Global Business School & Research Centre

Basic Foundation Course in German Language

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - Thursday, December 31, 2020 |GBSRC |Seminar

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) department of Global Business School & Research Centre, Pune successfully conducted a “Basic Foundation Course in German Language’.

German language is one of the widely spoken languages in the world. It is not only spoken in Germany but it is widely spoken in European Union. Hence, BBA department wanted to give exposure to undergraduate students to learn this language.

Ms. Pallavi Dange from Transolutions company; was the German language trainer for the course. The entire course was of Twenty hours. It was scheduled from 16th December 2020 to 31st December 2020.

As it was a basic foundation course, students were trained from basics of German language. Initially, trainer made students aware about basic and simple terms of German language. Gradually the level of teaching was increased by the trainer. Students were taught to read and speak German language during the program. Trainer focused on pronunciation of the students. 

Assessment was conducted by the trainer at the end of course by the trainer. All students performed well in the assessment. At the end of the course students were able to read and speak German language. Thirty five students from BBA Semester three & thirty students of BBA Semester five successfully completed the course.

The program was Co-ordinated by Dr. Priyanka Bobade (Overall Co-coordinator BBA), Prof. Revati Rautrao (Class Coordinator BBA Semester III) and Prof. Abhijit Vhatkar (Class Coordinator BBA Semester V).