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Guest Session on ‘Time management – The key to success’

Saturday, November 28, 2020 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

A Corporate guest session on “Time management – The key to success” was organized for the MBA sem I and BBA (all semester) students of GBSRC on Saturday, Nov 28 2020. The session started with welcome note given by Asst. Prof. Mrs. Vatsala Manjunath.

The speaker, Dr Yogesh Hole has 10 years of Industry and Academic experience. He has done MBA (Marketing & HRM) & MA (Economics). He is a Commerce Post Graduate (M.Com) from Savitribai Phule University. He has qualified NET, SET & NET-JRF examination in Management and Commerce subjects. Sir has been awarded Doctorate (PhD) in Commerce and Management by North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon. Also published research papers in national and international journals, including SCOPUS indexed journals. The speaker aptly started of the session with an example, where the speaker shared the news on Mr Virat Kohli fined Rs 12 Lakhs for Slow pace of bowling for a 3 min delayed. 94 students participated in the session.

The following points were covered by the speaker:

  • The speaker spoke on how 2 students having the same facilities, fare differently in their studies and professional life.
  • Time management involves right thing at the right time
  • Emphasized on efficient management of time in the given 8 hrs. Office hrs.
  • Fail to plan leads to plan to fail …
  • Suggested the usage of To Do list
  • Prioritize activities
  • Time allocation to different activities
  • Completion of Pending tasks...
  • Difference between Goals and objectives
  • Delegation of responsibilities. Learning to take help is very important.
  • Prioritizing the activities is of utmost important in time management
  • Characteristics of a good manager, with respective to effective time management.
  • Speaker gave an anecdote of the character Arjuna from the epic Mahabharata, who could see only the eye of the bird before aiming for it
  • Benefits derived out of time management were discussed
  • Time management in an examination hall

There was a question and answer session. The CGS ended with a vote of thanks given by the Mrs. Vatsala Manjunath.