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Corporate Guest Session on “Stock Market and Finance Marketing”

Saturday, November 21, 2020 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

: A Corporate guest session on “Stock Market and Finance Marketing” was organized for the MBA and BBA students of GBSRC on Saturday, Nov 21 2020. The session started with welcome note given by Asst. Prof. Mrs Vatsala Manjunath.

The speaker, Mr Harsha is the founder of Shine Projects, India’s leading online education platform. Mr Harsha is a renowned International motivational speaker, coach & trainer who holds a MBA degree in Finance and Marketing. The speaker has completed various certification modules from BSE and NSE, in topics like Financial Modeling, Financial Markets, Equity Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Insurance & Corporate Valuation and Ratio Analysis. Among various other interests, Mr Harsha is also an article writing enthusiast. He has written several articles for newspapers, websites & magazines in 'Financial markets' domain.

The session commenced with the introduction of the guest given by the session coordinator. The session was open to participants from other colleges as well. Students affiliated to Banaras Hindu University also a part of the session. A total of 216 participants including the speaker and the faculty members and students attended the session.

The speaker started, with discussing a case. Where the story was about an investor who wanted to start up a vegan restaurant. After considering the various options, the investor decides on approaching the share market to raise capital. The speaker used an innovative technique, to help the students understand the concept of raising money via a share market and terminology like share, face value, Initial public offering, Investment Bank, Premium on the share, Stock Exchange. The speaker covered the following points in the session.

Stocks, shares and equity meaning  

List of stock exchanges in India

Bombay stock Exchange – established in 1875

National Stock exchange – established in 1992

Sensex – list of top 30 companies under BSE

Nifty - list of top 50 companies under NSE

Market Capitalization (Value of the companies) – Share price * number of shares

(E.g. given Rs 1, 30,000* 100)

Large Cap- more than Rs. 20,000 Crore

Mid Cap- greater than Rs. 5000 crores and less than Rs. 20,000 crores

Small cap - less Than Rs. 5,000 crores

Money control app owned by CNBC

Top performing companies in every industry is picked to be a part of the Sensex.

There was a question and answer session answered by the speaker.

Underwriting an overwriting of shares

The session ended with the vote of thanks given by Mrs Vatsala Manjunath