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Guest Session on Payroll management

Saturday, October 10, 2020 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

On 10th October, 2020, a guest lecture on Payroll Management was organized by GBSRC for MBA – II Human Resource students. The guest session was graced by the speaker Mrs Shyamal Virkhare- Assistant Manager Human Resource, Future Retail Group of India Pvt Ltd. along with faculty Dr. Snehal Maheshkar, Asso. Prof. GBSRC and Mrs. Anu Alex, Asst. Prof. and 31 HR students who attended the session.

The guest lecture commenced with the introduction of Guest Mrs Shyamal Virkhare by Mrs. Anu Alex. Mrs Shyamal Virkhare who has 8 years of experience in Retail Industry working in functions of Recruitment, Learning and Development and Payroll management shared her vivid experience revolving around the compensation and payroll management. Mrs Shyamal Virkhare first familiarized the students with the basic knowledge of Human Resource, its Scope and important of salary. She gave the detailed information of Payroll Management including CTC Structure of Salary along with highlighting following points during the session:

1. Importance of Payroll

2. Category of pays

3. Payroll Department

4. CTC calculation on excel sheet

5. Laws related to Salary and Wages

6. Salary Components

Mrs. Anu Alex concluded the session by proposing the vote of thanks. In her speech, she thanked Hon’ble Secretary, Trustee of DPU and Director Sir for arranging such a beneficial session and thanked Students for showing enthusiasm and participation during this entire session.