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NABH Accreditation and its importance to Hospitals

Saturday, October 10, 2020 |Zoom App |Guest Lecture

On 10 October 2020, the guest session on the topic NABH accreditation and its importance to Hospitals, was organized at GBSRC. The session was conducted by Ms. Radhika Verma currently holding a position of Quality Control Manager at Siddhanta Red cross Super speciality Hospital, Bhopal. The speaker holds valuable experience in various departments like quality control, patient service, Infection control and operations. She has worked with many multispecialty hospitals, as a quality manager in NABH consultancy to look after the quality of 13 hospital, also worked as an Assistant manager (Quality & Operations) in career Institute of Medical Sciences. She is associated with different NABH accreditation protocols in many hospitals undergoing NABH accreditation.

The lecture was conducted on an online platform through a zoom application, it started around 11 AM. Twelve students from MBA IInd year, SEM III along with few faculties attended this session. Prof. Akanksha Mehta started the session with a brief introduction of the speaker. The speaker highlighted important points like - what is NABH, Importance of NABH, Chapters of NABH, Benefits of NABH accreditation to hospitals and Patients, Process of NABH, Renewal of Accreditation, Roles and Responsibilities involved in the Process of following NABH standards and protocols within the hospitals. The agenda for the lecture was to throw light on topics like how the process of NABH accreditation is been carried in the hospitals and what are the main standards to follow. At the end of this session, the speaker engaged students in the question-answer session. As the lecture moved towards the main objectives, the speaker clued-up students about how the NABH accreditation has changed the era of hospital and healthcare in improving quality services and how it has increased the revenue and also quality in patient service department.

Some of the key takeaways of this session are as follows: NABH accreditation process, Standards and Protocols, NABH norms, Importance of NABH accreditation to hospitals and patient, Process of NABH, Renewal and Resources of accreditation.

After the session students felt quite amazing to experience to know how the process of accreditation should be followed in the hospitals, along with all the Standard Operating Procedures to be applied towards the hospitals functioning and looking ahead to get accreditations without any compliances. After this remarkable experience and learning, Prof. Akanksha Mehta concluded the session by giving a vote of thanks on behave of GBSRC to Ms. Radhika Verma.