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Global Business School & Research Centre

Guest Session on “Capital Markets - Various aspects and inclusion of Technology, changing Dynamics”

Saturday, October 10, 2020 |Zoom App |Seminar

On 10th October, 2020, a guest lecture on “Capital Markets - Various aspects and inclusion of Technology, changing Dynamics” was organized at Global Business School and Research Centre for MBA II- Finance students. For the guest session Ms. Annesa Ganguly
-Senior Officer Department of Marketing in BSE, was the invited speaker. Prof. (Dr.) Leena Dam, Professor and HOD Finance, GBSRC along with 42 Finance students attended the guest session.

Prof. (Dr.) Leena Dam commenced the session by welcoming the guest Ms. Annesa Ganguly. Ms. Suchi Pandya, a Finance student, introduced the guest.

Thereafter, Ms. Annesa Ganguly spoke about the presence of better technology and variations in financial markets. She started by giving examples of many innovative companies that have high growth, like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. She also gave relevant information about the stock exchanges, BSE and NSE, where members can enter to trade exchanges like Products, Commission, Equity, Mutual Funds, insurance, etc. In addition, she shared information about BSE Star Mutual Fund, where mutual fund transactions are completed swiftly through online mode. Further, she gave better examples of some financial companies like JP Morgan, Barclays, etc. She also strained the Finance students to read and have the best knowledge about the Company’s Balance Sheet, Annual Budgets, and financial compliance. Further, she added that finance is a determining part to learn, while marketing is making somebody convenience about the product. She finally ended the session by stating the quote, “Fire yourself through learning and growing. Even if you are a shy person, force yourself to move on.”

Ms. Pragati Naik, a Finance student, wound up the session by proposing the vote of thanks. In her speech, she thanked Hon’ble Secretary and Trustee of DPU, Dr. Chetan Chaudhari - Director GBSRC, Prof (Dr.) Leena Dam for being enablers in organizing this Guest Session. Students have greatly benefited by attending this session.