Dr. D. Y. Patil BioTechnology and BioInformatics Institute

Past Event

Preparatory Workshop for Competitive Examinations

Saturday, November 24, 2018    

Seminar Hall, GBSRC, Tathwade, Pune.

  • Dr. D. Y. PatilBiotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute, Tathwade, Pune organized a one day“Preparatory Workshop for Competitive Examinations” on 24th November 2018. Thepurpose of the workshop is to motivate students to appear for differentcompetitive examinations like GATE, NET, BET and ICMR for JRF fellowships andalso for GRE.


    The workshop wasinaugurated by honorable Prof. N.  J. Pawar, Director Academics, DPU, inpresence of Dr. Robin Mukhopadhyaya, former Scientist and Senior Professor,ACTREC, Mumbai and Dr. J. K. Pal, Director, DYPBBI. There were total 107participants from different streams like B. Tech., B. Tech. (Medical) and M.Tech. Biotechnology and M. Sc. Biotechnology. Dr. J. K. Pal in his welcomeaddress highlighted the purpose of the workshop. Prof. N. J. Pawar gave theinaugural address and conveyed his best wishes to the students and for theworkshop. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Minal Wani, Professor, DYPBBI.


    There were fourrenowned speakers from different national institutes of India who focused onvarious aspects of competitive examinations. Dr. Vasudevan Sheshadri, Senior Scientist, NCCS, Pune expressed hisviews on the analytical skills and discussed on analytical questions ofcompetitive examinations. Dr. Prashant Phale, Professor, IIT, Mumbai gave atalk on fundamentals of oxygen metabolism and carboryl compounds and emphasizedon basic Biochemistry and Bioengineering. Dr. Robin Mukhopadhyaya explainedvarious molecular biology techniques and questions based on it. Dr. DebashishMitra, Director, CDFD, Hyderabad spoke on HIV research and explained how tosolve questions with examples from Immunology and Virology topics. Prof. J. K.Pal gave a general informative talk regarding various competitive examinationsand their pattern along with several examples of different types of questionsgenerally set for JRF examinations.


    The workshop wassuccessfully organized under the able guidance of Dr. J. K. Pal, Director,DYPBBI with help from Mr. Amol Salagare as Organizing Secretary and all facultymembers of the institute. It was a good platform for encouraging the studentsto appear for different competitive examinations after their graduations. 

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