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Educational visit to Goa of fourth year students of B. Tech. Biotechnology and M. Tech. (Int). Biotechnology

Wednesday, October 10, 2018     To    
Thursday, October 11, 2018

National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula, Goa & Paul John Distilleries, Salcete, Goa.

  • An Educational visitwas organized at Goa which was accompanied by 51 students and 4 faculty membersDr. Soumya Basu, Dr. Prakash Nemade, Dr. Huda Afreen and Dr. Kasim Khan.


    On Day 1st, 10thOctober 2018, we went to the CSIR-NIO. National Institute of Oceanography, withits headquarters at Dona Paula, Goa. Their major area of research include fourtraditional branches of oceanography-biological, chemical, geological/geophysical,and physical- as well as ocean engineering, marine instrumentation and marinearchaeology. We had an interactive session under the guidance of Dr. SharonTracy followed by tour of Marine Museum and different labs. We were alsointroduced to different research works going on regarding the drugs from marinesources and studies of different developmental patterns of several zooplanktonsand phytoplanktons. Later, there was also an Audio Video presentation showingdifferent works in marine technology.


    The next day, i.e.,11th October 2018, we visited Paul John Distilleries, Goa which is one of thetop selling brands in India’s popular whisky segment and is one of the top 10selling whiskies worldwide. We have visited different sections of the distilleryunder the supervision of Mr. Pankaj Poovanna and Mr. Tarun to observe thevarious equipments and processes involved in the formulation of whiskey. Wehave visited two warehouses: under-ground and over the ground where whisky isstored in barrels for maturation. Currently, they are producing about seven toeight varieties of whisky.


    To summarize, thetour was very informative and helpful for better understanding in the subjectsof marine biotechnology and fermentation technology. We got great insight intothe different research advancements in the field of marine technology and breweryprocedures.

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