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Industrial visit for Third Year B. Tech. Biotechnology and M. Tech. (Int) Biotechnology students

Monday, October 15, 2018    

Parle Agro Ltd, Satara and Mamta Milk and Milk Products Pvt Ltd, Borgaon, Satara , Maharashtra

  • One day industrialvisit was organized to Parle Agro Ltd. MIDC, Satara and Mamta Milk and MilkProducts Pvt Ltd, Borgaon Satara for B. Tech. Biotechnology and M. Tech. (Int)Biotechnology III year students on 15th October 2018. There were 50 studentsaccompanied by two faculty members Mr. Amol Salagare, Asst.Professor and Dr.Sarika Pawar, Asst. Professor.


    Mr. Amar SabaleProduction Officer, Parle Agro Ltd., Satara welcomed the students and gave abrief introduction about Parle factory. He explained the entire process of biscuit making and various types ofParle products. A short video related to Parle origin and growth was shown tostudents. 


    The seconddestination for visit was Mamta Milk and Milk Products Pvt. Ltd, BorgaonSatara. Mr. Shashikant Burkul, Factory Manager welcomed our students’ veryenthusiastically. He briefed about working of factory and different milkproducts manufactured by them. The student visited milk collection center,Pasteurization unit, Packaging unit, Butter and Ghee manufacturing unit andlaboratory.


    Finally studentsvisited Anand Krishi Paryatan Kendra, Borgaon Satara for some leisure and fun.It was Agriculture based tourism center. Students visited composting unit, Ecoflow pump, Nursery plant and Coconut garden.

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