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First Robotic Surgery

Monday, June 25, 2018    

Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre Pimpri, Pune 411018.

  • A first robotic surgery was done on 25th June 2018 at Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Pimpri, Pune and for the first time in PCMC area on a newly installed latest model of the 4th generation,  da Vinci Robot, manufactured by Intusive Technologies, CA, USA. This machine is one of the 4th generation latest models of medical robot, one out of 3 installed in the state of Maharashtra and there are only 10 more all over India. At other places, there are about 50 more 3rd generation old models.  This machine was purchased at a cost of about Rs.20 Crores.  The machine was installed with the active interest, blessings, and support by Dr. P. D. Patil, Chancellor, Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune, and Mrs. Bhagyashree P. Patil, Vice-Chairperson, Dr. D. Y. Patil Vidyapeeth Society, Pune. This was ably supported by Dr. Amarjit Singh, Principal Director & CEO, Dr. (Mrs.) Vatsalaswamy, Director of Academics, Dr. J. S. Bhawalkar, Dean, Medical College and Dr. H. H. Chavan, Medical Superintendent.

    A 40 years old female from Ambegaon was admitted two weeks ago with pain on left side of the back. On investigation, it was found that she had kidney stones on both sides, a large staghorn stone (stone having multiple branches like horns of a dear) of the size of 6 cm * 6cm with multiple branches in right kidney and a relatively smaller stone in left kidney. Her kidney functions were deranged because of these stones.  Therefore small tubes, which are called as stents were inserted in both kidneys to improve the function, after two days of admission. The kidney functions improved and the left kidney stone which was relatively smaller was removed by a minimal access surgery called as PCNL 5 days ago (A small key hole made in the back of the patient and kidney is approached through that by a telescope and the stone is removed after breaking it into multiple pieces).  Since the right-sided stone was very large and branched it would have needed multiple punctures of the kidney for complete removal by PCNL and a large incision measuring about 15 cm would have needed to remove this stone by open operation. Therefore, a minimal access surgery which needs 4 small incisions of 5 mm each by using recently installed robot was decided. The procedure is called as Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Pyelolithotomy. The stone was removed intact and surgery was successful. The patient is doing well and would be discharged in two days.

    The procedure was carried out by a team of Department of Urology lead by Dr. S. P. Kankalia, Professor Emeritus, and Dr. V. P. Sabale, Professor & HOD. The other members of the team were Dr. V. P. Satav, Dr. Sunil Mhaske, Dr. Himesh Gandhi, Dr. Deepak Mane, Dr. Abhirudra Mulay, Dr. Mehul Singh, and residents. It was ably supported by the ream from Department of Anesthesiology lead by Dr. P.S. Garcha and assisted by Dr. Sheetal and Dr. Bhushan. 

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