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Workshop on Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology

Thursday, January 18, 2018     To    
Friday, January 19, 2018

Dr. D.Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics institute, Pune

  • Workshop on “BASICTECHNIQUES IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY” was organized at Dr. D.Y. Patil Biotechnologyand Bioinformatics institute, Pune on January 18-19, 2018 by IIT KHARAGPUR(kshitij 2k17-18) in association with www.makeintern.com.The experts Dr. Prasantha C. N. and Dr. Anil Hake represented make-intern andconducted the workshop. The workshop was inaugurated by Prof. J. K Pal(Director, Dr. D.Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics institute, Pune).Further, Dr. Prasantha and Dr. Hake gave the brief introduction of the workshopand objective behind the workshop. The workshop was attended by the B.TechBiotechnology, B. Tech (Medical) Biotechnology, M. Tech (Integrated)Biotechnology students. The workshop was coordinated by Dr.  Minal Wani (Associate Prof.) and Dr. AmitRanjan (Assistant Prof.) Dr. D.Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformaticsinstitute, Pune. Mr. Ronak Arora, (B. Tech Biotech) was the student coordinatorfor the event.

    The molecularbiology techniques have introduced a new dimension to the medical research,Biotechnology and clinical diagnosis laboratory. It is very important forclinical, non-clinical medical and Biotechnology professionals to gainfundamental knowledge of molecular biology techniques. In view of theincreasing importance of basic molecular biology techniques in clinicalapplication and in the field of Biotechnology, the IIT KHARAGPUR (kshitij2k17-18) in association with www.makeintern.comhas organized two days hands-on workshop in molecular biology techniques,during 18th January to 19th January 2018. The aim of this workshop is toprovide participants with basic training in molecular biology tools,bioinformatics techniques and scientific concept. The current workshop coversimportant molecular biology techniques like DNA and RNA isolation, PCR, Realtime PCR, electrophoresis, and Sequencing. The training course has beendesigned especially for the young students with Biotechnology background.


    Objectives: To studythe basic techniques of Molecular biology.

    Day 1:

    After the inauguralfunction the workshop was started by Dr. Prasantha C.N. He started the workshopwith presentation on restriction digestion and ligation of DNA which wascontinued by discussion between the students and the experts. For performingthe practical’s all the students were divided into 5 groups, each with theB.Tech Biotechnology, B.Tech (Medical) Biotechnology, M. Tech (Integrated)Biotechnology students. The results and queries were discussed further betweenthe experts and students.

    Day 2:

    On the 2nd dayexpert Dr. Anil Hake gave presentation on PCR techniques and explained thebasic concepts and its working principle. The same groups performed thepractical on 2nd day followed by discussion session.


    Competitions wereheld after the workshop and meritorious students were awarded. The outcome ofthe workshop was more positive interaction among all the students and theirparticipation that gave idea to all the attendants of handling, performing andinterpretation of work/ practical.


    Organizing headDr.  Minal Wani (Associate Prof.) and Dr.Amit Ranjan (Assistant Prof.) addressed the audience about the success of thisworkshop and how it fulfilled our aim of bringing quality scientific education tostudents from different biotechnology streams. Honorable Director Prof. J.K Pal presented the certificates to the fivemeritorious participants as well as the three best coordinators certificate andwished them good luck with their academic endeavors. Five Meritorious studentswill further participate in inter institutional competition that will be heldat IIT kharagpur.

    Five of our B. TechBiotechnology students Ms. Ananya Sharma, Ms. Pankhuri Sinha, Ms. PranjaliKarkera, Mr. Ameya Athavale and Mr. Ronak Arora were awarded with meritoriousparticipant certificate and selected for the next national round technicalcompetitions at IIT Kharagpur.

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