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“Industry-Academia Conclave 2018 (IAC-2018)”

Friday, February 23, 2018     To    
Saturday, February 24, 2018

Dr. D. Y. Patil Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute

  • Dr. D. Y. PatilBiotechnology and Bioinformatics Institute organized an “Industry-AcademiaConclave 2018 (IAC-2018)” on 23rd & 24th February 2018. Nearly 210 studentsfrom DYPBBI participated in the conclave. The conclave had different sessionsin which eminent resource persons from industry and academia addressed thestudents. Dr. Sanjay Singh (from Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd. Pune) was theChief Guest, Dr. Amit Ghosh (J.C. Bose Distinguished Professor, NASI EmeritusScientist, Kolkata) and Dr. M. K. Sahib (Director, Genomics &Biotechnology, Wockhardt, Aurangabad) were the Guests of Honor for IAC-2018.Other eminent resource persons for the conclave were Dr. Robin Mukhopadhyaya(Former Scientist ACTREC, Mumbai), Dr. Sanjay Nene (Venture Center, NCL Pune),Dr. Mughda Potnis-Lele (Venture Center, NCL Pune),  Dr. Yasmin Mirza (Praj Industries Limited,Pune), Dr. Kishori Apte (APT Testing & Research Pvt. Ltd, Pune), Dr. YogeshS. Shouche (NCMR, Pune), Dr. Prashant Phale (IIT, Mumbai), Dr. Rupali Gadkari(Gene Path DX, Pune), Dr. Sunil Chaudhari (Life point research, Pune), Dr.Ramesh Bhonde (DPU, Pune) Prof J.K.Pal (Director DYPBBI, DPU, Pune).

    Speakers addressedthe students and emphasized on key points like importance of innovation in LifeSciences especially in Biotechnology, opportunities for biotechnologists in theindustrial sector at national and international level, entrepreneurship opportunitiesfor biotechnologists and several other topics. The student delegates from theinstitute asked thoughtful questions and attended all the sessions with equalenthusiasm and curiosity. Furthermore, all the industry experts invited ourstudents to visit the companies and they also welcomed requests for projecttraineeship, employment etc. The speakers congratulated Prof. J. K. Pal,Convener; and his team for the grand success of the IAC-2018.

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