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How to define your personal brand

Friday, March 23, 2018    

Global Business School & Research Centre Tathawade, Pune 411033.

  • A guest lecture was conducted for the students of MBA on 23rd March 2018. The guest speaker was Mr. Thomas Kuriakose. He is an "Award Winning leading consultant, strategist and corporate trainer with over 17 years of experience.

    He started the session with a very interesting and energetic song" Papa Kehte Hai". This song melt the heart of every student and all enjoyed the rhythmic beats - singing and dancing. The icebreaker was to bring out students from their comfort zone and get to the essence of the session.

    Then he posed a question "Why should any business hire you?". He told the students to ask this question to themselves  every time they go for an interview. The main moto of the speaker was to make aware the students about what they need to bring into themselves that will make them interview ready.

    He encouraged the students by sharing a beautiful analogy - 'Every person is a diamond, the only thing is to find that diamond inside them'. The 4 C's that define a diamond are - Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. Students will shine in front of recruiters if they develop all the C's of diamond in them.

    Then he talked about the 6 P's that defines a person- Personality, Professionalism, Priorities, Perseverance, Performance, Productivity. When a student has all this then he is bound to be definitely selected for an interview. In addition to the degrees and qualifications, an interviewer is more interested to gauze  how much profitable a candidate will be to the organization and help achieve organizational goals.

    Mr. Thomas stressed on the best utilization of the most important asset or tool a person has, which is the "tongue". One needs to be very careful while using his or her tongue because it can let anyone touch the heights and at the same time improper use could make a person fall flat on his face.

    He closed his session with power dressing inputs for both boys and girls. Dressing appropriately for an interview is important judging criteria and the students were made aware of various types of formal dressing options.

    All the points which the speaker covered were very enlightening, and entertaining. The audience was kept engaged by asking them questions and the correct answers were appreciated with a big round of applause. It was an inspiring session.

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