Past Event

Mind Control

Wednesday, March 14, 2018    

Global Business School & Research Centre Tathawade, Pune 411033.

  • A session on Mind Control was organized for the MBA students. The guest for the session was Mr. Minwoo Seo who is Dy. Director of IMEI (International Mind Education Institute), Maharashtra.

    He started the session with a beautiful stress releasing dance presented by the students from Korea, Nigeria and a video of how the IMEI (International Mind Education Institute) works and how it helps in the recreation of the minds of the youth. He said that they are mainly into, giving professional mind education, it is necessary because it is the only part of the body that controls the whole body system.

    He then talked about, illness among the humans. Every illness is divided into two parts: The physical illness and the mental illness. Whenever, we say that person is suffering from Physical Illness, we divide it into three levels of physical Illness: High, Medium, and Low. But, whenever, Mental Illness is divided, it is divided into two levels only: Psycho or Normal. Either the person is completely mad or Normal. This is because of the mindset of the people.

    The speaker being from KOREA, talked and shared a very beautiful and inspiring story of Korea, that after war in Korea, it was completely destructed and it had nothing to survive. But now, after lot of courage and hard work they are certain ranks in each and every sector whether it is automobile, refineries or any other sector.

    He shared that in everyone’s life there are three major difficulties: Environment, situation and people (relationships). Anyone could overcome from these situations with just few simple steps, which needs to be kept in mind.

    Yutori Generation- it is the weakest mind generation, because they never faced difficulties in their life and always get things they want and need very easily, thus they have weak mind, also they mainly think about themselves, they are kind of Selfish. Root cause of any mental illness is Weak Mind.

    Then he talked in brief about the Jewish people, sharing the statistics related to Jewish people:.

    The reason behind this is because they implement IQ, EQ, and AQ in their education system, where IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient, EQ for emotional Quotient and AQ for Adversity Quotient.

    At the close of the session, the IMEI group conducted a powerful brain storming activity for the students. Students were divided into groups of 10 each and the group was given a challenging scenario to solve with practical insights: “SUICIDE AMONG YOUTH”. Also with this they gave a random word say: challenge, love, skills happiness etc and students had to find out 5 related sentences to their random words and relate it to cause of the problem and find a solution to this problem. It really helped the students to give a workout to their brain and think out of the box.

    After about 40 minutes of deliberation, each group presented their analysis in front of the class. The groups came up with innovative solution to the heartening problem of ‘Suicide amongst youth’.

    The speaker concluded the session with the beautiful thought, ‘Engineer your thoughts into a strong mind. Ultimately every problem will be solved and it will lead to complete happiness’. 

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