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Geriatric Physiotherapy Screening camp

Wednesday, January 10, 2018    

Sant Moni Baba Saheb Vriddh Anand Ashram, Akurdi.

  • Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy, Pune had organized a Physiotherapy screening camp at Sant Baba Moni Saheb Vriddh Anand Ashram, Akurdi on 10th of January 2018. The main objective of this camp was to assess blood pressure and any physical problems in old aged population and to prescribe them proper exercises for those problems.

    Dr. Manisha Rathi along with PG student and interns attended the camp on 10th of January 2018. After reaching the old age home Mr. Manna Singh welcomed the whole team. The assessment session was stated at around 10.00 am. Mrs. Jyoti who was appointed as a nurse in the old age home was coordinating with the team. All the subjects were assessed with blood pressure in supine as well as standing positions which helped us to rule out whether the subjects were suffering from orthostatic hypotension or not as it is a common issue encountered in old aged population. They were also assessed for their physical issues and were treated accordingly.

    A total of 40 subjects were assessed on that day out of which 13 were males and 27 were female. Out of those 40 subjects, 17.5% were suffering from back pain, 22.5% were suffering from osteoarthritis of knee, 32.5% were suffering from orthostatic hypotension, 17.5% were suffering from hypertension, 5% were had complain of generalized weakness and 5% suffered from asthama and urinary tract infection. Exercises for back pain, knee pain were taught to the subjects and ergonomic advice was also given and also they were explained the importance of regular exercises and regular medications.

    It was a great experience at the camp. Mr. Manna Singh gave an excellent feedback about the camp and suggested us to conduct such screening camps on regular basis in their old age home.         

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