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Seminar For Developing Across The Lifespan Disability Across The Lifespan

Wednesday, November 22, 2017    

Savitribai Phule Pune University

  • One day seminar for developing the contents across the curriculum disability across the lifespan was organized by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) Interdisciplinary School of Health Science, in collaboration with Norwegian University of Science (NTNU) and Technology Department of Social Work and Department of Public Health and Nursing on 22nd November 2017,Hall 4,MCCIA,Senapati Bapat. Road Pune India. Two senior faculty Mrs. Rupali Salvi (Associate Professor) and Ms Sucheta Yangad (Associate Professor) attended the  seminar. This seminar explored the potential contents of a disability course for primarily, but not limited to, students of global/public health. It also provided a good opportunity for faculty, students and researchers to update themselves on disability issues and research across the globe.


    Inauguration was done at 9:30am and welcome address was given by Prof .Nitin Karmalkar Vice chancellor SPPU. There after Dean, Prof.Marit Reitan NTNU addressed the students. There after Borgunn Ytterhus, Department of Public Health and nursing, NTNU, Norway spoke about Growing about with disabilities in Norway: from family burden to human rights. There after Miss. Marianne Hedlund, Department of school of Social Work and Education, NTNU, Norway spoke about the Disability and Global trends for community participation. She spoke about the context of disability, social and culture of disability and response to it, the question of comparison of Norway and India about issues of accessibility to social and cultural structure people face in lesser more degrees. Tea break was given at 11:30am


    At 11:45 am Dr. Anita Kar (Professor and director of interdisciplinary school of health science , SPPU, Pune , India) spoke about the disability and role of public health in  low-middle income countries. She spoke about the quality of life social impact like stigma, gender, violence, abuse. Access to care, out of pocket expenditure, International and Indian Disability Regulation and Policy, Components of policy and regulations.


    Ms Minita Patil, Manager, DDRC, Pune district spoke about DDRC its Background, objectives and community based rehabilitation.


    Dr. Hemlata (senior program officer) National Center for Disability Studies , IGNOU, New Delhi, India. Spoke about teacher training in special education: the Indian scenario. She spoke that there is a 45 days foundation course for trained teachers. Assistive defensive, appliances, case study for 5 disabilities through distance education for 3 months to contact classes for 12 days each. All states have deputed their teachers and paid their fees. 35.000   teachers are trained in disability management. Translation of program was done in 9 regional languages. Online program is also available on learning disability. 676 institutions are running regular mode and 12 open institution om distance mode. 21 disabilities are covered in curriculum. There was lunch break from 1:30 to 1:44 pm.


    Dr. Nilika Mehrotra , from center for the social systems, JNU, New Delhi, India. Spoke about the Gender, Disability and Development in the Global South: An Inter-sectional Perspective. She spoke about the India –the back-drop, conceptual disability and gender and disability in South Asian context, religious models continue to define what disability is in reference and to our context. She also spoke about the National Policy 2006 and RPA Act 2016.


    Dr. Mrs Vaishali Kolhe, from Center for Disabiltity Studies and Action, School of Work, TISS, Mumbai. Spoke about developing curriculum on disability studies with multidisciplinary perspectives. They offer MA social work in disability studies and action. She spoke about the vison mission objectives of the course and credit points allotted per semester


    Dr. Rinna Kiik, from department of social work and education, NTNU, Norway. She spoke about the Me? And disabled –I am just old. She spoke about ageing in the world challenges, UN principles for older persons.


    Dr. Arti Nagarkar from School of health Sciences, SPPU, Pune ,India. She spoke about Ageing and disability in India. She spoke about the century and ageing older people and disability, lay expression of disability, course of successful ageing, response with ability among older adults and use of technology


    The seminar ended at 5:00 pm with a vote of thanks and group photograph and a cup of tea.

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