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Congratulations to Dr. Prakash Nemade, Asst.Professor for being invited as a Guest speaker

Thursday, March 09, 2017     To    
Friday, March 10, 2017

Government Madhav Science Post Graduate College, Ujjain, MP

  • Dr. Prakash Nemade, Asst. Professor has been invited as a Guest Speaker at Workshop on Protein-Protein Interactions held at Government Madhav Science Post Graduate College, Ujjain, MP during 09-10 March 2017. He delivered a talk on "Introduction to Bioinformatics and Protein-Protein Interactions" to delegates. Delegates were from  UG and PG courses. Dr. Usha Shrivastav, Principal felicitated him during the workshop. Dr. Prakash Nemade has conducted hands-on training practicals on basic bioinformatics tools and software. He also explained the importance of bioinformatics in current scenario as well as how it helps to resolve the problems in life sciences.

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