Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

Past Event

Workshop on "Airway Evaluation - Nursing Perspective"

Wednesday, August 28, 2019    

Seminar Hall, Dr. D Y Patil College of Nursing, Pimpri, Pune,18.

  • TheWorkshop on AirwayEvaluation - Nursing Perspective’ was organized on 28.08.2018. The workshop schedule was as follows: -

    1.     Registration of delegates

    2.     Inauguration of Workshop.

    3.     Welcome Address Dr.Mrs.Nisha Naik

    4.     Inaugural speech by Dr.Mrs, Rupali Salvi Principal, Dr. D Y Patil College of Nursing.

    5.     Sessions by the speakers.

    6.     The first session wasconducted by Mrs. Nidhi Rajput Asst Professor Dr. D Y Patil College ofNursing.on “Different Methodsof oxygen Administration

    It was an erudite session and participants asked manyquestions which were counteracted by the madam. 

    7.     The next session wasconducted by Dr. (Mrs) Sadhana Adhyapak Professor Dr. D Y Patil College ofNursing on “Artificialairway- Endotracheal tube ”. 

    8.     The last session wasconducted by Ms. Sucheta Yangad Professor Dr. D Y Patil College of Nursing.on “Artificial airway- Tracheostomy”. It was really a knowledgeable session. 

    Thereafter the Speakers, as well as the participants,were intended for Lunch. 

    After the lunch, next session started on Skill stations on “Artificialairway- Endotracheal tube Itwas an intellectual session and all doubts raised by the participants wereresponded by Dr. (Mrs) Sadhana Adhyapak.

     The next session was conducted by Skill stations on “Artificialairway-Tracheostomy highlightedon steps and demonstration After the end of this session the Speakers and theparticipants were re-energized by tea & snacks.

    The next Skillstations on “Different Methods of oxygen Administration” The session proved 

    All the speakers were treasured with Certificate aftertheir individual sessions, Total 86 delegates and 7 resource persons present inthe workshop.

    The workshop came to an end with the Vote of Thanks.

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