Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

Past Event

Farewell Programme

Friday, June 07, 2019    

Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing, Pimpri Pune

  •   On June 7, 2019 farewell programme wasorganised by Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Nursing Pimpri, Pune under the guidanceof Principal Mrs. Rupali Salvi, SNA Advisor Ms. Sucheta Yangad, and INE AdvisorMs. Surekha Suryavanshi. Farewell was given to students of 4th year B.SC, 2NDYear M.Sc, 2nd year P.B.B.Sc and 3rd year GNM. 

        Host for the day was Ms. Prajakta Jagtapand Ms. Angelina Martin Mhankale (General secretary CON). Program began bywelcoming Principal along with all the teaching and non-teaching staff and allthe students of outgoing batches. Pooja was performed by Principal along withall the class coordinators of outgoing batches along with prayer song bystudents of 1st year B.Sc. 

        All the Class coordinators of outgoingbatches addressed their students. Later distribution of momentous took place.Distribution of momentous was done by Principal along with all the classcoordinators of their respective batches. Students expressed their gratitude towards the college and all theteachers by expressing their responses.

    Student’s responsewas given by-

    1) Ms. Jessin Vergesse  4th yr B.Sc N

    2) Mr.Sakharam 3rd yr GNM

    3) Mrs.Arya 2nd yr M.Sc N

    4) SisterJasmine 2nd yr P.B.BSc N

          Later, Principal Madam addressed thestudents of outgoing batches with their inspiring words. Further, the programbegan with reviewing of golden memories by displaying power point presentationby juniors to all the students of outgoing batches. After the power pointpresentation, there was a cultural event  like a solo dance which was performed by Ms. Kajal Mishra student of 3rdyear B.Sc Nursing and there was a group dance which has been performed by Mr.Robin Tribhuvan and the group from 2nd year GNM. Also outgoing batch performedgroup dance and duet song for last time.

      Vote of thanks was been delivered by Ms.Suzzana Deccan. Lunch was organized by the college to all the teachers andstudents of outgoing batches.

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