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Tuesday, February 05, 2019    


  • Musculoskeletal Science Department conducted a guest lecture on ‘COMPRESSIVE NEUROPATHIES IN HAND’ for Final year and PG students in Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy on 5th February ‘19, between 3.30 - 5 pm. The lecture was given by Dr.Vijay A Malshikare, a Hand surgeon from 18.52 North Hand and Wrist Hospital, Pune.  The objective of the lecture was to make students aware of compressive neuropathies in hand, its assessment, and treatment.

    Dr. Vijay Malshikare started the lecture by projecting the slides on Anatomy of hand. He explained the course of nerves and anatomical locations where the nerve mostly gets entrapped. He focused on the commonly entrapped nerve, Median nerve. In further slides, he explained how the median nerve gets entrapped due to narrowing of carpel tunnel and due to tight flexor retinaculum. Detailed clinical assessment was demonstrated on a model about diagnosis of carpel tunnel syndrome. Conservative methods like TENS, stretching exercises and information about Carpa Stretch hand splint was given to students. Regular use of carpa stretch splint will help reducing symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome. After that he explained about surgical approach by Endoscopic carpel tunnel release procedure which is less invasive and patient goes home within 3-4 hrs post surgery to home and it reduces rehab time and patient can go back to his/her work soon with decreased pain and tingling in hand.

    Next entrapment neuropathy which Dr.Malshikare spoke was, Radial Tunnel Syndrome which is mostly misdiagnosed with Tennis elbow. In his slides he projected about the mechanism of entrapment of posterior interosseous nerve around radial tunnel. Detail assessment with demo was explained in order to diagnose the Radial tunnel syndrome. He emphasized more on going for diagnostic USG as an investigation, because those findings only can tell exact diameter of nerve which has entrapped and treatment to be planned.  Information about surgical procedure to release PIN was given via images of pre and post surgery. Pre and post diameter of  PIN were shown in slides and post 3 month diameters were also shown which were same as of opposite PIN.

    Lastly he focused on Ulnar nerve entrapment and projected slides of Cubital tunnel syndrome. With an example of his own patient he explained his chief complains and how he assessed and treated patient with surgical approach. He also told about post surgical rehab and importance of splinting.

    At end he took questions from students and answered them. Students asked questions other than the topic also which mainly were related with hand surgery and hand therapy. Faculties present at the lecture too solved their doubts regarding their patient having any hand related problem.

    Guest lecture was organized by Dr.Ajay Anand Malshikare, (Asst. Prof. Musculoskeletal department) along with PG students of hand elective. Almost 75 students, 7 alumni and 8 faculty members attended the guest lecture.

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