Past Event

Livon Fresh Face- 2018 "Season 11"

Thursday, December 06, 2018    

Global Business School & Research Centre

  • The Livon Pune Times fresh face season 11 kicked off amid much enthusiasm at the campus on 6th December 2018. Fresh Face event is a contest for college students conducted in every college round the corner, judged by celebs and selected winner students go for the final round to be held in Mumbai. The moto behind this event is to give a platform to the students to showcase their hidden talent.


    The stage in the campus was already buzzing with an enthusiastic crowd when Marathi actor Ms Ruchita Jadhav entered the campus and it erupted with deafening cheers and hoots. Over 50+ participants enrolled for the audition, of which majority were singing and dance performances.


    Standup comedy, pushups and football stunts, which is though an outdoor game but was also performed by the students. Karan Tawade (football-single) showed various stunts with the football and was awarded as the Set Wet Mr. Charming personality of DPU. Livon Ms. Fab Hair award was coveted on Ayushi Dwivedi (Dance), student of MBA 1st year.


    The winning trophy went in the hand of Arjita Jadon (Dance), student MBA 1st year, who would now be performing in the semi finals going to be held in Mumbai. Arjita jadon won the hearts of both the judge and crowd with her scintillating dance.

    Runners up of the event- 1st, Riya Jain (Dance), student, MBA 2nd year, 2nd- Vivek Shrotriya(Singing), student, PGDM 2nd year. Riya's elegant dance moves and mindfulnessas she spoke impressed the judges. Vivek's melodious voice kept the crowd entertained.

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