Past Event

NARI Visit

Monday, December 03, 2018    

National AIDS Research Institute

  • Components:

    Number of Students:  65

    Number of teachers :2

    Overview of the tour:  The tour was organized with the sole aim to introduce the students to the latest research conducted in the field at National AIDS Research Institute.

    The students reported at NARI at 9.30 a.m. on 3rd December 2018. They were given a warm welcome by the nodal incharge.

    The students were first taken to the museum where different treatment plans and models were displayed for easy reference. Students went through the various charts displayed and procured information about the models from the incharge.

    Video presentation of the pathogenesis, treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS and few short films on awareness of this topic were presented to the students by the institute in-charge.

    An interactive session was conducted with the Scientists of Immunology & Serology and Epidemiology department of NARI. All the questions & the queries of the students were well attended to by the speakers.

    Students were then taken to the different laboratories and were given valuable information regarding various diagnostic test used in HIV/AIDS, microbiological research conducted in the premises.


    How it was organized: A prior permission to visit the institution was taken by the faculty of Department of Community Medicine. After receiving the permission, a notice regarding the visit was circulated among final year students.  The students were informed about the date,venue, time of the visit.



    Approaches to teaching / learning and assessment

    Theory lectures comprises of detail explanation of the Communicable disease HIV/AIDS. The national programme (NACP) is discussed along with the prevention & treatment.  Students are shown informative data, pamphlets, laminated sheets regarding the topic.

    Assessment is conducted through Internal examination and viva/oral conducted during these examinations.

    Aim &Objectives:

    1.To provide the students with practical approach along with theoretical lectures as per the curriculum.

    2.To make awareness in students regarding HIV/AIDs and the national programme.


    Learning Outcome:

    1.Theoretical &practical exposure together enhances the students learning ability making the irconcepts more clear.

    2.Change in the behavior and attitude on the part of the students is the expected outcome.



    1.Preventive &Social Medicine : Park & Park, 24th Edition

 Thursday, March 29, 2018.

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