Past Event

National Seminar on “Redesigning HR of Organization in the Era of Disruption”

Saturday, October 13, 2018    

Global Business School & Research Centre

  • Mr. M. Christopher Fernandez, Associate Director Human Resources, Markets and Markets.

  • National Seminar on “Redesigning HR of Organization in the Era of Disruption” was organized on 13th October, 2018 at the institute. The Chief Guest for the session was Mr. M. Christopher Fernandez, Associate Director Human Resources, Markets and Markets.
    Dr. L.K. Tripathy in his welcome address stressed the need for change in HR Practices in Digital Era. He highlighted the changes in the industry norms, industrial revolution and digital transformation. In the backdrop of various scientific inventions such as Electricity, Telecom, he emphasized the increasing role of Information Technology in Education such as – MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), Swayam and Virtual courses. He emphasized the need for judicious use of the four resources – Men, Material, Machine and Manpower. He also highlighted the need for reskilling and focusing on development of attitude, skill and knowledge. After the Welcome Address, Mr. Christopher Fernandez, Associate Director, Markets and Markets was invited for his speech. He started the session by drawing an analogy between Human Resources Manager and Minister of the story. He emphasized that an HR manager cannot afford to get hassled. He also stressed the importance of attitude and excellence at work. He stressed the importance of alumni network and benchmarking. He also highlighted the need for disruption and technological intervention in Human Resources. He also emphasized the need for technological change and change in practice. He gave some personal examples, where information technology intervention and change leads to better governance, regulation and ease of compliance. He discussed the use of various Information Technology interventions including Employee Management System, Artificial Intelligence based algorithms in screening and profiling the candidates. 
    Dr N.J. Pawar in his speech emphasized the need for changing the paradigms and preparing the youth for the challenges of tomorrow. He discussed the existing inequalities and gender bias. He emphasized the need for increasing the role of women in the economy. He emphasized the need for reducing the marginalization and including all the citizens in the Growth model. He emphasized the need for technological intervention and discussed about the extenuating problem of job loss due to technological intervention. He highlighted the increasing role of technological intervention in day to day working, from Smart Class Rooms to Smart Homes. He stressed the need for online learning, by changing the traditional role of teachers, technological changes in curriculum and pedagogy and need for incorporating ICT in Education. He also highlighted the need for changing the attitude and behavior of people through life learning skills, life skills and building trust among employees. 
    In post lunch session Dr. Sharad Joshi, discussed the need for redesigning the Human Resource of Organization, need to develop entrepreneurship and need to think differently. He highlighted the need develop entrepreneurship qualities among individuals. He also compared the digitization and digitalization. He highlighted the need to reframe the HR policy and character building. He also highlighted the need for deep machine learning. 
    For HR Panel discussion corporate alumni namely Dr. Rajesh Singh, Mr. Rahul Bagle, Mr. Saurabh Shah and Ms. Preeti Sakhare were invited for discussion. They discussed the emerging digital practices including Machine Learning, Digital Banking and Digital transactions. They also highlighted the need for newer technologies and emerging People skills, Competencies, KRA (Key Result Areas) and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), transfer of knowledge, reporting and communication and need for training, cross skilling, attitude building and continuous learning. The panel discussed the need for Predictive HR Analytics, HR Tech and HR Shared Services. The panel highlighted the difference in needs of Milennials vis a vis the Boomers. The session concluded with a thanking note by Dr. Snehal Maheshkar.

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