Past Event

Bollywood Siyapaa

Wednesday, October 24, 2018    

Seminar Hall

  • 'Bollywood Siyappa',a fun filled Bollywood event was organized under the aegis of Cultural Club. Itwas about Bollywood quiz and questions related to Bollywood news. There weretwo members in each team. There were 4 rounds in the event. The first round wasMCQ round. Each team was given the sheets in which 15 questions were mentionedand team members were given 15 minutes to give the answers. The first round wasabout whichever team will give the maximum answer they will go to the nextround. 15 teams would go in the next round. As there was tie between 6 teams sothey had to select only 3 teams. For that they gave 5 questions related toBollywood and whichever team gave the maximum right answers will be going tothe next round. So they selected 3 teams and all together they selected 15teams. Second round was Dub Charade. Each team has to come on stage and pickone chit and one member will guess  themovie name and other will act. Out of 15 teams they selected 7 teams. Thirdround was question and answer round. With the help of presentation they wereshowing the questions and the team who gave the right answers they got 10points and they were selected for next round. 4 teams were selected out of 7for the fourth round. Fourth round was Buzz Round. In that they played themusic and showed some images of famous personality. Whichever team raise theirhand first will get the chance to answer the question. And they declared thewinner by ending the buzzer round. First position was secured by Ammar  and Saurabh ( MBA Ist Year Students) andsecond position was by Kalpesh and Satyam. ( MBA Ist Year Students)

    Audience andparticipants enthusiastically made this event successful. The Event wascoordinated By Prof. Anu Alex. 

 Saturday, April 13, 2019.

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