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Past Event

Investment planning for young investors

WhenSaturday, September 09, 2017    
WhereGlobal Business School and Research Centre

On 9th September 2017 CA Ms. Rachana Akshay Ranade,  a Certified resource person from SEBI, conducted a seminar on "Investment planning for young investors". Mrs. Ranade emphasized various investment options and urged the students to spend their savings wisely. Students were given a glance into the Stock market, mutual funds, saving bank accounts and fixed deposits. And advocating the benefits of saving money through fixed deposits.  She explained that students must earn-save-spend instead of earn-spend-save. She introduced the students to govt. life insurance schemes like PMSBY(premium - 12/- per year) PMJJY( 330/- per year).

Mrs. Ranade told about the ‘Rule of 72’- a formula to get the number of years in which the deposited money gets doubled.  She made students aware and asked them to be vigilant of the Ponzi schemes, which is a trap to lose all the money. In her concluding remarks, she suggested students donate some amount of their income to some charitable trusts. This not only gives peace and happiness mentally but as per section 80-G of Income Tax, a citizen can get 50-100% tax exemption on that amount.