Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

Past Event

World Tuberculosis Day 2017

WhenFriday, March 24, 2017    
Where:- Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre Pimpri, Pune-411018

World Tuberculosis Day is observed on 24th March all over the Globe. The purpose of observing this day was to create awareness about T. B. among the people on this day. This year the theme of World Tuberculosis day celebration is “UNITE TO END TUBERCULOSIS"

This day was celebrated at Dr. D.Y. Patil Hi Tech Hospital in front of Outpatient department by first and second-year GNM students and supported by teachers Mrs. Mary Ajith and Mrs. Vaishali Malphatak, 10 am to 12 pm under the guidance of  Dr. (Mrs.) Khurshid Jamadar, Principal, Dr. D. Y. Patil College of nursing & INE.

The students had displayed posters regarding Tuberculosis disease including the theme of the year 2017 that was “UNITE TO END TUBERCULOSIS. It’s contents included: - Definition of T.B, the incidence of T.B, causes, signs and symptoms of T.B, complications, the prevention, and management of T.B. Programme was Inaugurated by Ms. Vimal Mhaske, Matron of  Dr. D.Y Patil Hospital and Research and Dr.(Mrs.) Sadhana Adhyapak, Associate Professor of  Dr. D.Y Patil College of nursing. Dr. M.S. Barthwal, H.O.D of pulmonary department, Dr. Tushar Sahasrabudhe, Professor of respiratory department, Dr. Sudhir Dasipankar RNTC Medical Officer (Y.C.M) visited and appreciated the students work during the event. Total 200 to 250 patients, relatives, and faculty had attended the program. Student cleared the doubt related to T.B and gave proper information.Over all programs was very educative and informative for all audience.

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