Global Business School & Research Centre

Past Event

Guest lecture on “Overview of auto component industry and strategic planning”

WhenSaturday, February 25, 2017    
WhereSeminar Hall, GBSRC

Guest lecture on the topic “Overview of auto component industry and strategic planning” was organised for the MBA students. The speaker of the session was Mr. Sukumar Shah, OD Consultant.

Mr. Sukumar discussed about the term supply chain with all the students. He made the students understand what is B2B marketing and B2C marketing in auto component industry. He discussed about the functions of supply chain management in detail . He made an interaction with the students and the faculty members regarding in to out approach and out to in approach in the B2C strategy in auto component industry. Many different opinions and points were exchanged between students. The lecture turned out to be very interesting. Mr. Sukumar explained the core meaning of strategic planning and many valuable points. He discussed about the vision, mission, business planning in the process of strategic planning. He also gave us a brief awareness of the type of products they make in their industry and showed us one of the samples of their products. He made us startled by telling how much time it takes to make such a small component like a bearing. He winded the lecture by enlightening the students with great knowledge about supply chain management and strategic planning which would be highly beneficial for the students who wish to shape up their future in this field.

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