Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Nursing

Past Event

World Cancer Day

WhenSaturday, February 04, 2017    
WhereDr D Y Patil Hospital And Research Center (General Opd)

World cancer day 2017, with the theme “we can, I can “ was observed on February 4 (Saturday ) by the students of third year B.Sc(Nursing) of DR D Y Patil College of Nursing. A poster exhibition was conducted at the general OPD which was inaugurated by the Principal Dr. Khurshid Jamadar, the Matron Mhaske madam, and the Nursing supervisors. The poster exhibition was planned and executed under the guidance of the teachers Miss Sucheta Yangad, Mrs. Roopali Patil, Mrs. Anu Gibi and Mrs. Dhanashree madam.  

At the poster exhibition, the students presented various posters about cancer, its definition, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and management and its prevention.

 The patients at the OPD were given pamplets containing information regarding “CAUTION “  and the “TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR CANCER PREVENTION “. The students conducted a survey of a risk of cancer in 100 clients present at the general OPD.

The result of the survey is as follows:

1. 86% of the people surveyed reported no changes in bowel and bladder habits and 14% reported changes.

2. 96% of people surveyed reported not to have a sore that does not heal while 4% had a sore that does not heal.

3. 95% of people surveyed reported no unusual bleeding or discharge and 5%  reported such unusual bleeding and discharge.

4. 94% of people surveyed reported not to have thickening/lump in the breast or elsewhere while 6% reported having thickening or lumps.

5. 25% of people surveyed reported to have indigestion or difficulty in swallowing while 75% did not.

6.12 % of people surveyed reported having changes in wart or mole while 88%  did not.

7. 7% of people surveyed reported having nagging cough or hoarseness while 93%  did not.

8. 5% of people surveyed reported having family history of cancer while the other 95% does not have any family history of cancer.

9. 24% of people surveyed reported to have habit of smoking/tobacco chewing/drinking alcohol while 76% did not

10. 16% of people surveyed reported to eat junk food or more fatty food while 74% did not.

11. 4% of people surveyed reported to be working in an industrial area while 96% reported working in nonindustrial areas.

12. 6% of people surveyed reported to have infections like hepatitis virus, retrovirus, etc, while 94 % of people reported no such infection.

 Thus, out of the 100 people surveyed at the general OPD 10.6%, people are at risk for having cancer. 

  Many clients at the general OPD were given health education about cancer; all the students participated in the poster exhibition enthusiastically and made it a success.

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