Global Business School & Research Centre

Past Event

Industrial Visit

WhenFriday, December 02, 2016    
WhereKSPG Automotive India Private Limited, Maval, Pune
Description MBA I sem Students went for Industrial visit to KSPG Automotive India Private Limited, Maval, Pune 2nd Dec 2016. Visit started with a brief introduction about the company, its origin and its current position having a global presence. Students were divided into two groups and allowed to visit the factory with the company in charge.All the queries resulting in the minds of the students were resolved well by the company in charge.Students participated with enough zeal to make the visit interactive & gained maximum knowledge regarding the manufacturing process of auto components which includes exhaust gas recirculating valves and vacuum pumps during the visit. The students were given snacks. The session ended by a group photo of all the section and after doing all the formalities, the students expressed thank you and bid good-bye to the company staff. The students were accompanied by Prof. Aniruddha Thuse and Prof. Snehal Maheshkar
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